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Microsoft is making Windows 8. Unsurprisingly, this milestone leads many Microsoft watchers, partners and customers to wonder what will be coming next. Again, unsurprisingly, Microsoft officials aren't talking about what will be the follow-on to Windows 8.

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As I've blogged before, I've heard the Windows team will be releasing a Spring update to Windows 8. Some believe Microsoft will also be releasing a bigger new version of Windows in the Fall of , about a year after Windows 8.

Windows Phone 8.1 End of Support

I'm hearing from one of my trusted sources who has a good accuracy rate on Windows rumors that this is looking less and less likely. Supposedly, from what I'm hearing, the OSG team is rethinking priorities, workflow and just about everything else when it comes to Windows, Windows Phone and the Xbox operating systems, going forward. My aforementioned source says this major release will be a kind of hybrid that will bring the current Windows and Windows Phone OSes closer together. There could be a unified developer portal, allowing developers to submit apps for both platforms before the actual store materializes, I'm hearing.

The thinking is these will be one by Spring Because it tends to be easier to take a "smaller" OS and add to it than to take a larger one and remove features from it, it's likely that the Windows Phone OS is the one on top of which the new operating systems group will build.

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The recent rumor courtesy of Windows SuperSite's Paul Thurrott about the Windows Phone OS being modified to support 7 to inch screen sizes makes sense in this context. It wouldn't surprise me if by Microsoft calls whatever is powering smartphones, phablets and tablets plain-old Windows, given the interfaces, the development platforms and the core operating systems will continue to align further.

Again, to be clear, this is all rumor though a well-sourced one at this point.

Whats new in Windows Phone 8.1 update - TTL 109

Lots of things may change between now and Spring Windows 7 users: Microsoft is going all-in on 'Inner Source'. Microsoft to launch Visual Studio on April 2. Microsoft releases Windows 10 code from the 20H1 branch to Insider testers. Microsoft Edge lets Facebook run Flash code behind users' backs.

A bunch of Windows Phone 8.1 screenshots have begun to leak out

Google security researcher finds secret whitelist that lets Facebook run Flash content despite Edge's normal security policies. The Windows 10 security guide: How to safeguard your business.

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How do you configure Windows 10 PCs to avoid common security problems? There's no software magic bullet, unfortunately, and the tools are different for small businesses and enterprises. Chrome users: This Windows 10 Timeline extension has just landed from Microsoft.

Chrome users can now get a view in Timeline of their web-browsing history thanks to an official Microsoft Chrome extension. Get the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app - available free in the Microsoft Store - to easily check for upgrade availability and prepare your phone to install the upgrade. Why upgrade? Great apps at your fingertips Enjoy great built-in apps for music, video, photos and more 2 — plus a one-stop shop for all apps, games, music and more with the new Store in Windows Free personal assistance Cortana 3 , your truly personal digital assistant, provides help with directions, reminders, and other everyday tasks across all of your Windows 10 devices.

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Wi-Fi internet connection is required to download and install the upgrade; internet access fees may apply. To check for compatibility and other important installation info, see Windows 10 Specifications page. Microsoft account, Wi-Fi or data network connection required for some features; internet access fees apply.