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Still the best comic reader on Windows, hands down. Nothing else comes close. I want to like this app but it will not sync my cloud box with my comics. This causes Cover to go through the folder again for all my comics. This wouldn't be the worse but when I am syncing from the cloud, to use a feature that the makers says is supported, this takes HOURS.

Not going to happen. If you have comics on your computer you are reading, this is the app for you. If you want to use the cloud feature, look else ware. Will update when these issues are fixed. The interface is clean and intuitive, and the whole thing is drop-dead gorgeous. If you're looking for more advanced library management or a more manga-geared reading experience in a Windows app, or if Cover won't stop crashing, try Nyalu. Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Privacy Policy. Skip to main content. Cover - Comic reader. French Fry. Wish list.

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  • Cover comic book reader released for Windows Phone 8.1 (and is universal).
  • Reading Comics on the Surface, Windows 8 and Windows Phone?

See System Requirements. Available on HoloLens.

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Description Cover is the best app to read and manage your comic books. Show More. People also like. Steam Rated 3. Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free Rated 4. Microsoft Math Rated 3. Torrent Hub Lite Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Free Books and Stories Rated 4. Tucan reader Rated 4. What's new in this version WebP files are back: Features All of your file formats are supported: As well as your image formats: Store your comic books wherever you want: Local folder, network, OneDrive, Dropbox.

Read on-the-go by making your remote comic books available offline Open standalone files from within Cover, or directly from the Explorer. Find your comic books easily with the Search, Favorites, Smartviews, Customize your reading experience: Read any kind of comic books, left to right, or right to left Manga mode Enjoy the smooth reading using all the touch gestures or keyboard shortcuts you're used to Choose which comic books you want to show in Kid's Corner Phone only Even once you've left the app, you keep track thanks to the live tiles. Additional information Published by French Fry. Published by French Fry.

Approximate size Age rating For ages 3 and up. This app can Access your Internet connection Use data stored on an external storage device Access your Internet connection and act as a server. Permissions info. Installation Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

Additional terms Cover - Comic reader privacy policy Terms of transaction. Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. Report this product Report this app to Microsoft Thanks for reporting your concern. Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. Sign in to report this app to Microsoft. Report this app to Microsoft. Report this app to Microsoft Potential violation Offensive content Child exploitation Malware or virus Privacy concerns Misleading app Poor performance. How you found the violation and any other useful info. Submit Cancel. System Requirements Minimum Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this product OS Windows 10 version Recommended Your device should meet these requirements for the best experience OS Windows 10 version Rated 4.

This well-known format embeds inside itself all the images it references. So if you look closely in the file bytes, you can find the bytes of each image it contains. PDF is a very powerful document renderer the specification is several thousands pages , but for comic book readers we just need to render images, so the basic tools provided by Windows are sufficient for Cover to display them properly. Initially designed to represent textual e-books, it can handle images as well.

It is free and open-source and it's basically a zip containing structured information on how to display a book. Formatting is HTML that can reference resource images. In Cover, since we only wanted to handle images in epub files we don't have controls to change font size, line height,..

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I hope you'll have learned something by reading this. Feel free to open your comic book archives using a tool such as 7-ZIP to check out how they work or extract some pages to make a nice desktop background. You can also create your own comic books very easily. Finally, if you'd like to free up some serious space on your device, you should consider recompressing part of your comic books to WEBP.

Don't worry, Cover will still be able to open them ;. Most of our work on this version was making sure it worked well on High DPI display. We also spent a lot of time ensuring it worked smoothly with multiple monitors having different DPI settings. We've also improve the breadcrumb navigation, you can know click in it to unveil a text field, so you can type in the desired path, and it even autocomplete what your are typing, and the best part, is that it also work on FTP, SFTP, Azure and S3.

When we first released Steed, we were really fond of our "Tiles" to list your different connections, but we know that with a lots of entries it can get hard to use, so, from now on you can also switch to list mode to display your connections. Moreover, you now have the ability to browse your local network and use computers on your network to transfer files.

So you can for example easily access your NAS from within Steed and download file to it. We really want more and more user to enjoy using Steed, and the best way to do that, is to support their language, that's why Steed is now localized into German! Thank you Matthias Baldi for your great work. Last but not least, Steed now supports OS notifications from Windows 8 and up , so you can leave it running in the background and get an notification when your transfers are done, pretty great, isn't it? Have a look at the release notes if you want a more complete list of fixes. You can get the update from within Steed, via the in-app updater, or you can download it from our website.

For almost a year, Cover has been supporting reading comic books from OneDrive or Dropbox. If you're new to the app or if you still haven't looked into this feature, here's some explanation. I'll take OneDrive for reference, but the very same applies to Dropbox as well. If it's the first time you do this, you'll be asked to authorize access to your OneDrive for Dropbox, the same thing happens except you're redirected to your browser then back to the app once validated:. You're then redirected to a picker showing you the files and folders of your OneDrive. Select the root folder that contains your comic books if there are more than one, repeat these steps , and tap OK.

After a brief loading, Cover shows you your comic books, except they are grayed out and there is a cloud icon on top of it. They also don't have a thumbnail, because to be able to display a thumbnail, we would have to download the comic books, and that would defeat the purpose of cloud storage wouldn't it? To be able to read these comics, you have to download them. To do that, just tap on them, or select them and tap the "Available offline" button in the appbar. The number on top of the comic book indicates the download progress percent. Once completed, the thumbnail will be generated and you'll be able to open the book.

Now if you want to remove the local copy of your comic books to free up space, just select those and tap the "Online only" button. The book will be removed locally, but will of course remain on OneDrive, and the thumbnail is also kept for a classier library. If you're downloading a lot of files, the "Downloads" screen will help you keep track. These features work exactly the same on OneDrive and Dropbox, and on Windows desktop as well as phone. Let us know if the feature fits the way you use the app! Cover 2. Syncing Cover so you can read seamlessly across your devices. Let me explain how it works.

First, go to the app settings and enable it. Right now, the feature is in Beta and it is only available for paid users either or unlimited:. From now on, when you suspend the app, the status of your books read, unread, page number will be transfered to your Windows account using Roaming settings. Windows sync that automatically when you lock the screen. When you log in to another device, Cover will read from this Roaming data and apply the statuses to its local library.

We try to identify the same files even if the paths are not the same, because it's likely you'll have a different copy of the files on two or more devices. Although our testings were satisfying, we're trying to know if this is enough to provide a good experience. That's why the feature is only in beta, we hope you'll give us some feedback about it. There are quite severe limitations to the feature, due to how Roaming works:. The Roaming data is limited to KB per app, so we can only store statuses for so many books around , after that we keep only the most recent ones;.

You have to suspend the app to push the status to the Roaming, and you have to resume the app to read from the Roaming. Most likely, you'll use it such as: Read on your phone during the day, go home and read from your tablet at night;. The sync is not instantaneous or realtime. So don't expect to have Cover opened on both devices and see your changes reflect "socket-style", it won't work.

Also, Windows might prevent temporarly the sync if it thinks you're "excessing" the Roaming usage. So if you suspend the app several times in a row, some statuses might not be synced they will be synced the next time though, after Windows has removed its "lock". If it seems like that the statuses don't sync, before contacting us, check the following: Let us know how that works for you, and if we should improve it.

We have several ideas but we're really looking forward to reading from you first! Kids love smartphones—but what if your child accidentally erases your phone or emails everyone in your address book while playing? Even more important, what if you lose your comic books library in the process? No such worries with Kid's Corner, a place on your phone where your child can play with the games, apps, music, and videos you add there, but can't get to the rest of your stuff. Namely, your digital comic book collections. Since the early versions of the system, Kid's Corner has been a unique and exclusive feature of Windows Phone.

At last, Cover is now kids friendly. Here is how the parental control works. First, you have to enable Kid's Corner on your device if not already done. You can find the full procedure here , but here are the main few steps: The way it works, is that kids now have a special "session" on the phone that you can access from the lock screen, by swiping left.

CBR / CBZ comic books on Windows Phone - LindyReader Free

Now that you have allowed Cover to the Kid's Corner, you'll want to choose which comic books they have access to. This is a "opt-in" process so your kids never have access to anything you don't want them to. Right now, if you start Cover in the Kid's Corner, it will be completely empty. Now if you go to the Kid's Corner session and start Cover, you'll be able to see the comic books you authorized, and only them:.

There are some other stuff that are hidden in the app when it is started in Kid's Corner session: We hope this will encourage you to have your kids read comic books! They are a great educative medium and encourage children imagination.

Get Cover - Comic reader - Microsoft Store

It's our first implementation of the feature, so if you think it can be improved, please let us know! First, we are now implementing the Kid's Corner feature of Windows Phone. More on that in the next blog post, but to sum it up, you can specify which books are available in Kid's Corner. There is now a nice "circly" progress bar in the bottom left corner of the reader, so that you know where you are without having to pop the controls out.

The smart rename feature has been improved further, to show you only the relevant parts of your comic book names. Reading performance has been improved, and we now smooth pages in when they are loaded. Finally, not that you necessarly care about it, but we removed all Windows 8. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and info about Cover. Cover encourages you to read a lot, and you might be coming to a point where you have many comic books. Since you probably don't want to clutter your tablet or laptop with all that, you might want to host all of your files on a network share or a NAS, and read remotely from it on all your devices.

Guess what? Cover can help you do just that! First, move and organize all your comic books somewhere on your local network, using Windows Explorer. Once everything is properly organized, start Cover, and add a network folder to the library:. From now on, Cover is "linked" to your network folder. It won't copy the comic book files on your device, you'll be streaming them directly from your remote PC. Of course, this means the storage must be available for you to read. We have a tiny visual helper in Cover to help you know wether the folder is available or not: If it's not, the comic book thumbnails will be "grayed out":.

In that case, you can't read anything. That's a pretty big issue. Cover has a solution for that too. Before you leave your house, mark the comic book and folders you want to read as "available offline". After a few seconds, they will be copied on the internal storage of your laptop or tablet, so you can read them on the go.

As an optimization, if you don't need the library to refresh very often or you prefer to do it manually using the bottom app bar button on the main view , remember that you can disable the library "auto refresh" in the settings to improve app performance. This is especially important when your books are on the network. One important thing to note is that when you're streaming comic books from network as opposed to internal storage , refreshing the library will be slower, as well as generating thumbnails or opening comic books.

If you have a fast network you might not even notice the difference, but over a slow Wifi, prepare yourself for a little more patience. Happily, you can still read a comic book while thumbnails are generating: And you add your folders until all of them are present in the app. So your "manage content" screen looks like this:. Wow, that was boring. Having all of these display nicely in folders, each having thumbnails and a proper background, and beginning to read them. This is how Cover main screen will look like:. Instead of adding all your comic books folders separately, you should have added the root "Comic Books" folder.

So when you "add a folder" and Cover presents you with its folder picker, be sure to be in the root folder, and not a subfolder, and click "select folder". This is from Windows 10 "PC mode", but the same stands for a tablet or phone on Win8.

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Remember, Cover works in a very simple way: It will map your filesystem folders and files structure. So if you want to reorganize how Cover displays your comic books, just use Windows Explorer to arrange your files, then switch back to Cover and it will sync automatically. When we started developing Cover, our main objective was to improve the comics reading experience on Windows tablet and phone. Since then we received a lot of positive feedbacks from all over the world, which is really rewarding.

Another one of our objectives was to provide a way for our user to discover and get new comics from within Cover. Here is our first try.

Cover - Comic reader

This new release of Cover comes with the first version of our Store. Since all comics provided by our partner are in French, we decided to make this first version of the Store only available to our French users, as a test. This is just the first step, we really want to expand it, and make it available in more countries. It is, for now, only available for the Windows Store, a Windows Phone version is in the work.

So do not hesitate to follow us , like us , or subscribe to our newsletter if you want updates. Last December we made Cover a universal app by releasing the Windows Phone version. With this new version you will be able to add folder from OneDrive or Dropbox and see your comics right into the app.