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Continuing a fine and longstanding tradition, we bring you what will be a regularly updated top pick of the very best freeware for S60 5th Edition. Where necessary, there are notes about compatibility with different devices or manufacturers. Updated October 20th With Nokia's Ovi Store being rather cluttered and with other application stores being somewhat scattered, I thought an update to All About Symbian's definitive 'Top 20 Freeware' has never been more overdue.

In fact, it's now a 'Top 25'!! The first really huge third party S60 application to get a full touch makeover, this works superbly on S60 5th Edition, on all phones, in both landscape and portrait modes, and with touch-panning of maps and of the StreetView displays in countries where this is supported.

Version 3. It's also terrific as a general purpose location-centric search tool e. Yes, there's now a mobile version of the YouTube main web site, but exactly what it serves up is dependent on the device you use to browse it - and there are the delays caused by having to bring up different pages and by waiting for RealPlayer or Flash Lite to do its thing. Better is to use the dedicated YouTube client for S60 5th Edition. It's fast to search and browse from clip to clip, works over Wi-Fi or 3G and the only trick is in getting hold of it in the first place.

Try m. The third big Google application, GMail is Java-based, which means that you need to take a trip into Settings App Mgr Installed apps and turn off the Ssupplied navigation and function 'keys'.

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That done though, you've got a fully touch-enabled, full-screen view into your GMail, complete with all features, such as 'Stars', 'Drafts' and your full list of emailed contacts. Try it - it'll work better than you expect. There are hundreds of programmes on offer, mostly from the last few weeks, plus a number of radio programmes as well, better for listening on the move since the bandwidth requirements are somewhat lower.

It's the download option, available for many programmes, which really impresses, since you can grab things for watching later while travelling, with no worries over needing expensive connectivity. The DRM isn't a problem as long as you watch your downloads fairly promptly within a week, usually.

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There's a great chance that the widget will work. Why on earth would you want another web browser? You have S60 Web, after all? Moreover, why would you want a mouldy, ol' Java app? Because it's faster, slicker and more frugal than Web, that's why. Once you get past the initial Java hand-holding 'Do you want to go online? Backed up by special proxy servers, even huge web pages like BoingBoing can be opened in just a few seconds and browsed around with full touch-panning.

If you find S60 Web too slow for tradition text-based pages then Opera Mini is a definite candidate, especially if you're not on a flat rate data plan. The new version 5 beta introduces multi-tab browsing and an integrated touchscreen keyboard to save you messing with the standard Java text box forms, but the production v4. It may seem a little odd to see Quickoffice in a list of freeware and, it's true, I'm cheating slightly.

Instead, they're a free addition, giving you Word, Excel and Powerpoint viewing with full touchscreen support. And on other S60 5th Edition phones, the viewers included are often 'old' v4 or v5 editions. So, make the most of the downloads and upgrades offered in your phone's Download! In particular, note that all Nokia phone owners are entitled to a free upgrade to the latest v6 viewers, giving extra document compatibility - look in the 'Updates and upgrades' section of Quickoffice if you're not already on v6. As with Opera Mini, don't write this off because it's Java-hosted.

Popular applications for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic:

Snaptu offers to bring whole swathes of your online life together in one, streamlined and optimised application. Social networks, news, TV listings, the works.

PAINT PAD By Alejaster

And it's extensible, with new modules being added weekly. Get it from the Nokia Ovi Store or by going to m.

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One of S60's best kept secrets, AccuWeather was always a useful little widget to have installed. With the advent of S60 5th Edition and touch control, it has been dramatically improved, now with hourly and daily forecasts, weather charts, maps, and even GPS integration, to query the exact forecast for your current location - and all for free, quite amazingly.

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Admittedly, it takes a good ten seconds or so to retrieve the necessary weather data over the Internet, but in this case it's well worth the wait and anyway, with your multitasking smartphone you can just switch away to something else and come back shortly, can't you? A terrific way to keep your important desktop folders automatically backed up you get up to 10GB free, amazingly, in Nokia's 'Anytime files' system and to have remote access to your master documents - on either Windows PC or Apple Mac - through the phone, Files on Ovi is fully compatible with Nokia's S60 5th Edition phones - it's just that Nokia doesn't make it easy Although you can simply access your 'Files on Ovi' through the mobile web site, it's tedious having to keep signing in, which makes the Files on Ovi widget so important, since it handles this for you.

You'll also need to install the Windows or Mac OS X 'connector' utility, which handles the remote file access and the uploading to 'Anytime files'. I believe this solution also works with the Samsung S60 5th Edition phone s , but don't tell Nokia Although this hasn't been fully updated officially yet for S60 5th Edition and thus shouldn't qualify for this list as not being optimised, I couldn't resist adding the necessary install for driving a Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

With this onboard, you can treat your S60 full-screen touch phone a is shown below as a mini-laptop and the solution works rather well. And no, don't worry, you don't have to speak French. There's general news, business, culture and weather content here, in pre-edited but regularly updated 10 minute segments, all in either French, English or Arabic, plus a genuinely live stream onto the appropriate language France TV channel. Video quality's not the best by default , but you can change the stream to 'Highest quality' in Settings, after which picture quality is easily up with that of the BBC's iPlayer.

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  • With the dual LED flash system able to be used during video recording, why on earth didn't Nokia let us use the LEDs as a torch when needed? Why indeed, which is why PhoneTorch is such a little God-send. On devices with the LEDs covered in normal use e. Perhaps a pinnacle of modern software engineering, JoikuSpot turns your S60 phone and its data connection into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices of yours to hook into.

    Yes, PC Suite also allows through-Internet connections, but isn't is just so cool to be making your own Wi-Fi hotspot? S60 5th Version: Professional Downloads: Symbian Nokia Paint Pad Symbian App Symbian Nokia Paint Pad Paint Pad is a drawing tool in which you can draw you own things, but also taking a photo and painting and writing something on the same photo.

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    • Let's call it the Photoshop for Nokia. Supported mobile phone: Review Summary There are currently no reviews for this app.

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