Application of zener diode for meter protection

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This value of Zener breakdown voltage makes any Zener diode to be chosen for certain applications. Avalanche diode is another diode which has the similar characteristics of Zener diode.

The avalanche breakdown takes place across the entire PN junction, when the voltage drop is constant and is independent of current. This avalanche diode is used for photodetection.

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The V-I Characteristics of a Zener diode are common for any diode when operated in forward bias. But the reverse bias operation of a Zener diode makes it very important to consider. Let us have a look at the graph.

Zener diode tutorial

The point where the bent is shown in the reverse bias operation, is the Zener breakdown voltage , after which the diode allows high reverse currents through it. This Zener voltage is indicated by V Z. This incredible quality of Zener diode made it the most reliable one and have got many applications too. This is a normal single PN junction diode which is especially designed for switching purposes. This diode can exhibit two states of high and low resistance clearly which can be used alternatively.

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  • The junction capacitance of this diode is made very low so as to minimize other effects. The switching speed is made quite high. Here Vz represents zener voltage and Rz represents the slope of the nominally vertical region of the characteristic during breakdown at reverse bias.

    Physical Construction of Zener diode:

    With zener breakdown characteristics or avalanche breakdown characteristics, the zener diode used in many circuits. The zener diode connected shunt to the load and reverse in polarity to the power supply, different range of zener diode available in market, you need to choose right one for your circuit.

    Zener diode tutorial

    When we use analog DC voltmeter, we pay more attention to the measuring voltage if the voltage rises beyond the limit of meter voltage range then the moving coil in the meter will got damage, to avoid we can place zener diode across the meter. Here the application circuits are given for understanding purpose, if you need exact output then choose components with reference to your design. Your email address will not be published.

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    Zener diodes can be used as meter protection. Switching Operation: Zener diode can produce a sudden change from low current to high current,so it is useful for switching operations. Michal Puk 23 August at Swar Mahto 21 October at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: