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Get The Samsung Galaxy S4 S Voice App For Your Android Phone [How To]

Dragon allows you to wake up your device, even when the screen is off, just by enabling Attentive mode. Bring up the app's options by tapping the icon on the top left-hand side. You can also enable Notification readout , which will read your notifications out loud, and Driver mode , which switches to a "hands-free" and "eye-free" mode, allowing control of your device through your voice. Note that since the application is being attentive , it can drain some more battery than normal, but results will vary.

Don't get stuck saying "Hello Dragon" like a samurai or dojo master , change your wake up phrase instead preferably something with three or more syllables. Also, she can be a he.

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S Voice has that annoying Mrs. Roboto sound, but Dragon gives you three options that all sound a bit more humanistic.

Personally, I think Victoria is the sexiest. Unlike S Voice, Dragon can also link to your Netflix account.

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This makes it easy to launch the app to the exact movie or show you want to see, given that you already know what's available on instant streaming. This method is also simpler than using Tasker with Netflix , as it does not require a rooted device or command sequences.

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Driver Mode will make using your device much easier while driving, allowing you to speak commands at all times on the road. What makes this Driver Mode different, compared to the one on S Voice, is the ability to better manage when Driver Mode is initiated. Open the Settings again, head into Driver mode , and select Auto-enable driver mode.

You can choose from four options: Dragon Mobile Assistant is way better then S Voice, but that's my opinion. It responds better and allows me to do the little things that S Voice can't, like launch Breaking Bad in Netflix. I appreciate that they make it extremely easy to make changes to the voice and wake-up command, it looks better and sounds better, and does everything that S Voice can with many things that it can't.

Galaxy s4 s- voice apk!

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How To Install Samsung S-Voice On Any Android 4.0 Device

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