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Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact key specs

Zippy performance. Some handy apps installed.

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The Bad Small display. Average battery life. No front-facing camera. The Bottom Line Sony picks its market well, and creates a good phone for the outdoors type.

Sony Xperia XZ3 review: 24hrs in

The screen is on the small side, though, and there are a few common features absent. Visit manufacturer site for details.

User experience and performance

Most phones are for most people. Identifying yourself with a new handset is rather hard to do, which is also the reason why bedazzled Hello Kitty iPhone cases sell so well. The Xperia Go is a different beast. Sony has a very specific user in mind; someone wet, someone dirty, someone with sweat dripping off their calloused fingers.

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The Go is a phone for rugged sports lovers, and matches their interests with a ruggedised exterior. The handset is rated IP67 , a nature-proof rating which indicates that it can be submerged in up to one-metre of water for up to minutes, and will keep almost all dust and dirt out of the phone's sensitive bits. It feels like it, too. The plastic wrapper around the Xperia Go has a strangely rough feel to it, sort of like the finest grade of sandpaper you can imagine.

It feels good, and more importantly, it has grip, so it is less likely to fly free of your bear-like hands, with the hairy knuckles and dirt under the nails. The touchscreen plays its role in this sports-loving feature set, with a touch panel that works better with wet fingers than normal smartphone screens.

We've tested this feature several times, and it works quite well.

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That said, it still does the same thing all touchscreens do under water, which is go a bit a haywire. Capacitive touch panels react to water like a dozen fingers on them all at once, and the result is a mostly unusable phone. But then, it's not like you're taking this scuba diving, anyway. The problem that you may have with this screen is in its size. The headphone socket and USB port are both covered with stiff, plastic flaps to keep out the elements. The phone's SIM card and micro-SD card slot are located in a safer position still, under the battery cover on the back.

While it's rugged exterior is different from many in the Xperia family, it's software is much the same as the rest. Sony has installed its NXT user interface on top of Android, complete with all of the excellent Facebook integration we've covered in earlier reviews. There is an important difference between the Go and 's Xperia, though.

X marks the spot for Sony's new Xperia X phones

For reasons unknown, Sony has opted for the older Gingerbread build of Android 2. There's nothing particularly wild or crazy about the Sony Ericsson T It's a straightforward phone with a solid set of features and a stylish design. Those who want a small, smart 3G handset that's simple to use should appreciate the T While the Xperia Arc S doesn't qualify as a massive improvement over its direct predecessor, the Arc, it is nonetheless a solid choice.

Its eye-catching design is backed up by a great screen and a surprisingly powerful 8. The Sola is a solid smartphone with a good array of features beyond the basics. Just be sure you can't buy the better Xperia S for the same price before you commit. The Sony Ericsson W Walkman delivers good sound quality in a neat design for a low price. For those who want a decent, inexpensive phone that plays music, it's a good choice, but don't bother with the poor camera and Web browser.

The Wi is a small but chunky handset with a bevy of neat features but some odd omissions. For example: Sony Ericsson is doing what it does best with the W Walkman. It's a good-looking and easy-to-use music phone with excellent sound quality, an above-average camera and a standard 3. Finally, we can rid our pockets of that pesky dedicated MP3 player.

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The Sony Ericsson C Cyber-shot camera phone blew our minds with its excellent photo quality. Its plastic-y body and lack of Wi-Fi connectivity reflect its low price, but it performs like a more expensive model. This is Sony's best phone to date, but it is released at a time when competition is at its maximum. Its megapixel camera should be the difference in Sony's favour, but it's not.

We like the p video capture, and we like the pull-out keyboard. These are the phone's two main selling points, but don't be fooled — a dodgy menu system and really rubbish build quality hamstring a potentially good mobile. The Wi is an entry level music phone with the famous Walkman branding, but in its case you're paying a lot for a logo - even if it is an entry-level phone. The Sony Xperia SP has a good p screen, an attractive chassis with a daft but useful flashing bar and it squeezes a lot of juice out of its dual-core processor too.

The camera doesn't impress, but if you're after a good all-round mobile with a little flair and don't want to spend big bucks for a flagship phone, the SP is a decent option. It's small in the hand and under the hood so it's only going to appeal to folk with fairly modest mobile needs. But it could be worth a look if you're after ICS on a budget. Just be aware there are more powerful Android phones with larger, clearer screens at this price.

The Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman is a fairly basic phone with a focus on mobile music.