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Random crashes are plenty. Especially when opening multiple tabs. Ad blocking does not work. At all. There is no way to change search engines. You can keep the default as google but at least let us use some custom searches like wikipedia, searx etc. Please also improve browsing speed in turbo mode.

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New Firefox for iOS is best compare to Opera now. I dont know what is wrong with Opera dev team. Webpage loads very slow. Even the browsing experience is not good as compare to new Firefox or TestFlight version of Opera that I used many months ago. It is some laggy and slow performance while serving even though the net speed is fast.

Please fix the slow performance while displaying the pages.

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Open Menu Close Menu Apple. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. These features are designed to help improve loading speeds when you're not on Wi-Fi while also keeping you from incurring data overage charges. Mode options: When it comes to the type of page compression you like, you have some options with Opera Mini. For regular connections, the Opera Turbo is your best bet, because it maximizes both loading speed and data savings to provide a smooth overall performance.

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If you're on a particularly slow connection, the Opera Mini setting is a good option because, while it can cause some pages and images to load improperly, it offers a better operating speed than you'd otherwise get. And if your connection is good, just turn off all data-saving features for optimal speed and performance. Clean interface: This app has a clean look and an intuitive interface. There are no surprises with this browser, and it's not hard to find all of your favorite features with a little poking around.

Text size: There is no way to adjust text size when using this app, which may be more of a problem for some users than others. But it would be a nice addition and a much better alternative to zooming in and scrolling or copy and pasting items into another program to read them. Page display: As noted, Opera Mini can cause some pages and images to load improperly. If you're looking for an alternative to Safari or whatever browser you're currently using on your iOS device, this is a good one to try.

It's completely free, and it offers the added benefit of data-saving options that can actually end up saving you money in the long term. Now you have easier hands-free control of Google's music streaming service. The app creates a personalized wellness plan for people over 50 years old that easily adjusts to you Was this review helpful?

You get a blank screen. A very fast browser and nice change of pace from Safari. Needs some work though. Opera for the iPhone delivers speed. It gives a few pros over the defualt Safari browser but is lacking video support and multi-touch, which other browsers on the iPhone most have. Can't wait to see whats on the next update of Opera Mini. No real world speed advantage, problems viewing Web sites, finicky to operate.

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I can see there is an emerging consensus here, that this browser is a worthless piece of software. Please let me add my signature! Second, it almost never displays Web pages correctly; most are rendered as a mess. Third, I just can't figure out how to operate the darn thing. I want to scroll - it zooms in, I want to hit a link - it zooms out, and so on and so forth Opera Mini is said to come preloaded on many cell phones. Poor fellas ones using those phones to browse the Web!

The zoom functionality isn't nearly as intuitive as Safari so it feels like a step back.

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Viewing web pages in Opera Mini isn't very fluid. Browser feels very clunky.

Opéra Mini sur iPod Touch/iPhone

If you're anti-Safari and want a good browser, this may be your best choice; but if you're used to the way Safari works and are excited about a faster browser, actually using the browser itself may slow you down. I kept it as a backup browser, but I'm not sure when I would use it.. I like the touch to zoom feature, but I can't figure out how to go back to the original view.

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There is very little HELP on the phone. I can't figure out how to sync my Opera bookmarks. Many neat functions as seen on the CNET video, but the lack on support is frustrating. The tab interface is nice as is the bookmark dialer, competition is a good thing, theoretically faster in EDGE. Rendering is inconsistent, no full javascript support, poor quality text, no multitouch.

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I live and work in the city and we have good 3G coverage pretty much every where I go with 3G I just do not notice any speed improvement using Opera vs Safari so that plus is really a non-factor for me. So, Opera would need to win out over Safari in terms of pure features to become my browser of choice and it simply doesn't foot the bill. There are some nice things I would love to see get pulled into Safari, the tab interface is much nicer than what is used by Safari and comes much closer to replicating the tab experience on a full blown browser.

It has a set of bookmarks that are automatically displayed when a new tab is opened. On the other hand, the URLs are stored, so you Retype the waiver each time. By typing the first letters, the Opera Mini will automatically complete, which will save you time. Furthermore, and as now all browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer, Opera offers tabbed browsing in order to navigate so well organized and able to open multiple websites or pages simultaneously. Go surf the web with this browser in your device. Visit the Tom's Guide for free iPhone apps and for the latest news and applications.

And if you have any iPhone issues, go and check out the Tom's Guide forums. Screenshots for Opera Mini.