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The app features quick, aggressive sorting options to quickly get your mail into archives or sent to a variety of other apps. Users can archive emails into Evernote, send links to Pocket or create linked events with Fantastical. It's fast, but not perfect. It's a powerful tool for users that turn their emails into task items, sharing email content to a variety of apps and services. ProtonMail Android , iOS offers its users a free, end-to-end encrypted email solution designed to make sure that nobody but you and your intended recipients can decrypt and read your messages. While anyone can sign up for a free ProtonMail account and email address, premium tiers offer more organizational features and cloud storage.

Airmail is a powerhouse email client on OS X that has since made the jump to iPhones and iPads, delivering a rich set of features as well as interface elements designed with the latest version of iOS in mind. Edison Mail Android , iOS is an all-in one mobile email app that supports a variety of email providers while also bundling in a handy smart assistant and numerous helpful email management features. The app features configurable swipe controls, auto-sorting of email by categories, and a handy bulk unsubscribe feature to help you get off spammy mailing lists.

Real-time travel notifications immediately inform you of any travel-related messages such as flight delays or gate changes, and the package-racking system makes a search for tracking codes a thing of the past. Astro Mail Android , iOS is another email app that trakes the AI-powered approach to provide intelligent assistance to the task of organizing your inbox. The app fields many of the features we've come to expect from modern email clients, such as mail snoozing, send later, and a unified inbox for Gmail and Office accounts.

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The magic happens with the app's built-in mail chatbot that can make intelligent recommendations about unsubscribing to mailing lists, archiving messages and selecting contacts as VIPs; you'll also get reminders on important emails and other notifications. John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school. As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery.

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10 best email apps for Android

Email Apps Worth Checking Out With smartphones and tablets now essential parts of your life, mobile email apps have evolved, each offering their own approach to the task of managing your inbox. Slide 1 of Microsoft Outlook Android, iOS: Free Microsoft acquired the excellent mobile email app Accompli in , extensively reworking and rebranding it into the mobile version of Microsoft Outlook Android , iOS. Slide 2 of Gmail Android, iOS: Free Google's Gmail Android , iOS comes default on most Android devices, and if you're already a heavy user of the search titan's web mail service, this may very well do everything you need.

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Slide 3 of Dispatch iOS: Slide 4 of ProtonMail Android, iOS: Free ProtonMail Android , iOS offers its users a free, end-to-end encrypted email solution designed to make sure that nobody but you and your intended recipients can decrypt and read your messages. Slide 5 of Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the Outlook mobile app helps you coordinate not only e-mail but also attachments, contacts, and calendars.

Microsoft Outlook is compatible with lots of other e-mail programs including Exchange, Office , Outlook.

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Microsoft is constantly keeping it up to date with helpful new features and the best security. If you use an Android device this app will usually come preloaded, and many people who need a free e-mail client will turn to Gmail for an easy-to-use app. Gmail especially makes sense if you use the rest of the Google suite of products.

Partnering Gmail with Google Doc, Google Sheets and Google Hangout gives you a whole free cloud-based business ecosystem that allows you to take your work anywhere. The app supports multiple accounts and notifications, making it simple to check everything from your business and personal accounts all in one place. If you are looking to replace the Gmail domain name on your e-mail address with something custom, you can do that and add co-workers. Are you in need of an e-mail app to boost your productivity?

Most professionals are, and Dispatch gets the job done. Quickly sort and organize by swiping and create standardized responses called snippets in order to send out replies more quickly while still making sense. To avoid distractions, you can choose to have badges for unread e-mails show for just some of your accounts.

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With Dispatch, it might be possible. This is great if you spend most of your day in your inbox.

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With data breaches and unauthorized access to user data constantly in the news, a lot of people are looking for an e-mail service that's safe and easy-to-use. For users who are concerned with security, ProtonMail is worth checking out, especially if you have intellectual property to protect that could be sink-or-swim for your company.

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According to its website, ProtonMail, which was founded in , is incorporated in Switzerland and all its servers are located in Switzerland, meaning that user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. Additionally, every e-mail sent using ProtonMail is secured automatically with end-to-end encryption so even ProtonMail cannot decrypt and read your e-mails. ProtonMail claims that none of your encrypted e-mails can be shared with third parties. Created by Notion, Trove gives you an e-mail client with artificial intelligence to help you organize your e-mail.

Over time, Trove learns from your behavior so it can show you which messages are the most important and highlight them in your inbox. For e-mails not deemed important, simply swipe to remove them from your inbox and get on with your day.