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How to take Windows Phone Screenshots or Screen Capture

Fortunately, fiinix user from the popular XDA Developers forum found a way to take screenshots of the WP7 menus and even make recordings. On the positive side, you will be able to take screenshots with or without using an USB cable, but if you decide to do it wirelessly make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is strong otherwise you might experience a huge latency. Some of the drawbacks of the third-party application is that it requires your WP7 phone to be developer unlocked and for some of you this might seem to be slow.

Make sure you install the. Choose whether you wish to use an USB cable to make things work faster or simply activate a Wi-Fi connection to synch the phone wirelessly.

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Well, right now there is no third part tool for capturing screenshots on Windows Phone 7; nor is this feature expected to come soon. For each application, you must provide at least one or up to a maximum of eight screenshots.


The users see this screenshot in the details page of the catalog before they make a purchase. The screenshot should be a direct capture of the phone screen or emulator. Graphically- enhanced screenshots are not allowed. RedBit Screen Capture.

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I decided to create a quick sample app that captures the screen on both platforms to compare the code. This was one tool that I truly missed when I started working on a version of our iPhone app Cardinal for Windows Phone 7. And then I discovered it wouldn't work in Windows Phone 7.

Back to the drawing board. A new tool had arrived, allowing Windows Phone users to take screenshots. There are a few hoops to jump through, and apparently some issues with taking shots of games.

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But if you've been waiting for a tool like this, as I have, you'll be happy to have it. Here's how to make it work. Developer unlock your Windows Phone.

I'm told this will be within a few weeks. Download the app. Install the app on your phone.