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Despite the fairly simple graphics, the game looks very realistic. Hungry creatures really want human flesh, and on this road, you are the only possible dinner for zombies appearing from everywhere. In order to repel their attacks, there are pistols and shotguns at your disposal. The problem is only that there are too many zombies and you cannot always beat them off, so you need to try to be extremely attentive and concentrated, otherwise, zombies can have a good dinner this evening.

The game has three environments and eight levels , high-quality background and sound effects. You can choose between four different cars, each of which has its own characteristics, as well as to choose the jumps of zombies. Convenient gameplay and 3D graphics of the game Zombie Highway — what else is needed for extreme driving on abandoned roads in a zombie apocalypse? Barry is an American boy, alternately catapulted into several worlds, filled with cruel monsters, dinosaurs, and bloody shootings.

The fate of Barry is still unknown — the surrounding worlds are really dangerous and they have a bunch of untold secrets, besides, not just monsters are everywhere, but real zombies, infected by an ancient virus, and one should not expect anything good from it! The hero is already hunted by the whole crowds. The first levels will not cause any problems. Zombies barely move their withered legs, and players are able to quickly maneuver, evading attacks and shooting everything.

However, the following levels will cause some difficulties. Opponents are fast, dangerous and, attack you together. Hurry up to download Age of Zombies, where is the real struggle for the life of Barry, and maybe the whole world! Everyone decides to go in for sports and jogging, but there is always a lack of motivation to make a decision come true. Now, this motivation is Zombies, Run! This game is quite different from other stories with zombies. According to the scenario, the world is attacked by zombies, and your goal is to save the city, that is, those people zombies have not reached, delivering them the necessary products, medicines, and other things.

However, to start playing the game, you need to run — morning jogging, training on the treadmill and so on. At this time, using the headphones, the application begins to create sound effects that make you feel that the zombie is actually nearby, and the need for running begins to grow. In Zombies, Run!

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While you are listening to a fascinating story, the application records jogging information: After jogging, you will be able to distribute the collected products and items to your city, which needs help. Each time the game will give you various missions that you can complete immediately after jogging. If you run in the morning, or really want to start, we recommend downloading Zombies, Run! Run with pleasure!

25 games to feed (on) your brain

Game Zombie Frontier 3 is a fascinating sequel to the previously sensational version. The plot of Zombie Frontier 3 is a shooter in which you have to fight with zombies. According to the story, you get into the world infected with a virus that turns people into zombies — bloodthirsty monsters that destroy all life on their way. You need not only to stay alive, but also to find the medicine as quickly as possible in order to rid the world of bloodthirsty monsters. In Zombie Frontier 3, there is very high-quality graphics. From the first minute, you completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a virus-infected megalopolis, infested with zombies.

You need to shoot back from monsters, using a variety of weapons, from pistols to assault rifles. Megapolis is divided into four zones. On each of these zones, you have to complete a special mission to get bonus items and point. Using them, you can improve your character and gain access to new weapons. In total, the game has 40 unique achievements , as well as the ability to defeat four insidious bosses. The game is distributed on a free basis and is characterized by simple control, specially adapted to mobile devices.

Zombies are coming! But your role in this game is not similar to the laws of this genre. This time you will not be among the unfortunate survivors fleeing from the crowd of furious undead.

Top 10 Best INSANE Survival Games For iOS & Android 2018

You will be on the other side of the barricade. Your task is to take your place in the army of the dead. Just remember: Contrary to all the usual logic, the brain is not the only thing that will be the object of hunting. Collect bonuses and various improvements. There are ten of them in the game. It will help you to activate a zombie giant shooting with laser cannons built into his eyes, or clone your zombie companions because we remember the main goal of the game — to fill the whole world with zombies.

In the game, you are waiting for more than three hundred different missions on eleven levels. It is the perfect entertainment for the whole family. Having won the huge success of the first part — the shooter returned to your smartphones and tablets. Now the game has become the more saturated story, new ways of control, new weapons and amazing dynamic graphics. The player will hunt zombies in a variety of locations — will have to explore the eerie streets of cities, African deserts and abandoned mines. The player must join the society of the Global Resistance. This community consists of real players, and each of them has an impact on the development of the plot.

Thanks to the community, the player will be aware of all the events happening by tuning in to the radio wave.

21 Best Zombie game apps for Android & iOS | Free apps for android, IOS, Windows and Mac

In order to start the battle, you will need weapons, necessary equipment, and ways to restore health. In the game, there are really a lot of interesting locations: Fightings against zombie bosses are particularly spectacular. Be attentive: The destructive virus Z appeared in New York, not by accident — the risky research work of scientists, the shortage of vaccines and protective suits and the complete concealment of information about the rudiments of the epidemic from local residents.

The free-spilled virus instantly enslaved the minds of innocent people — the residents became insane and, trying to bite each other, lost themselves in a veil of chaos and despair. Tasks and rules. In the center of attention, Joe, a member of the military unit. He is aimed to help people and clean the streets of filth.

The tasks are diverse at different levels — collect the resource, replenish ammunition or clear the zones from enemies using improvised items. By the way, there are enough weapons. Graphics and effects. Action UNKILLED is like a breath of fresh air in the world of mobile entertainment — high-resolution textures, realistic physics of movement and believable ballistics, a variety of locations and colorful effects of explosions, wounds, and adrenaline madness.

Do you dream of being in the middle of this blockbuster? Do you want to feel like a great zombie hunter? Welcome to the world full of these bloodthirsty creatures. The planet suffers from the undead.

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Who will free it? Bud and AJ are ready to fulfill this mission. They decided to open their business on Earth, but for their own safety, they need to catch all the zombies. And for this, there are a lot of traps, devices and weapons in their arsenal. But the main thing is not only to kill the undead. It is more important to quickly catch zombies and to squeeze out as much profit as possible in the depths of a secret laboratory.

Addictive gameplay, dynamic graphics, a huge selection of different devices for capturing enemies. All this makes Zombie Catchers fascinating and intriguing. Discover new locations and gain access to new inventions.

Zombie Highway

Improve your business on Earth and expand the secret laboratory. Users will become virtual gunners. Prepare to fight with zombie creatures, firing them from the air. Users will see the ship that has come ashore. It does not respond to any sent requests, and we have to resort to the help of a special detachment. It discovers that on the ship there are walking dead. Of course, it is urgent to take some action, but even with the help of a missile attack, it is impossible to sink the ship.

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The user is provided with a special base, which is the last chance for the entire human race. Use different weapons provided, use ground forces to achieve the goal. The own aircraft, available at your disposal, needs regular updating. Be engaged in defense of your own staff. Defend yourself as best you can, otherwise, you will not win evil spirits!

Graphic design is unusual, somewhat cinematic. Sound effects are good, they will not annoy. Realistic sounds are used. If you like action games, then try Zombie Gunship! It is worth noting that the application is distributed completely free of charge. The Day: This free game will please with a large number of the most diverse weapons so that the destruction of zombies will be an enjoyable affair.

The game has a lot of interesting levels and locations. The main task of this action is mass destruction of zombies, moving through the streets of the city and hunting for the brains of living people. To solve this problem, the main character uses all available methods from a knife to a grenade launcher. The bosses in the game are quite complex, and their destruction requires a certain skill. Get points for each dead and rise up in the table of the best undead fighters. In general, the game is dynamic and exciting.

12 Best Zombie Survival Games For IOS And Android

On the street, you will meet a wide variety of monsters, each of which will have its own characteristics, speed, and strength. Become a defense for the survivors, get to the main goal and destroy it. Get bonuses and do not stop for a moment. The graphics in the game are made in a pixel style. Good animation and special effects make the gameplay more dynamic and exciting. The musical accompaniment creates the necessary atmosphere for a battle with zombies. Qualitative graphics Dynamic gameplay Simple operation User-friendly interface Interesting story. Zombie Drift is an excellent game, made in the genre of action.

Throughout the gameplay, you need to drive and shoot down zombies. There is a small arena where are several dead. You need to ride and drift so that to knock down zombies at the same time. The first levels are very simple, but gradually the number of dead increases, what greatly complicates the process of passage. Do not stand in one place, because zombies can also hit the car. For each downed creature, the user receives a certain amount of gold and diamonds.

Money is needed to purchase new cars with more improved characteristics. Diamonds allow the user to buy various items that help to quickly kill dead people. Free game Zombie Drift has a classic racing control.

The 25 best zombie games on iPhone and iPad

On the left, there are the visual arrows needed to change the movement of the car. On the right, there are two touch buttons pedals. They are responsible for driving the car forward and backward. Periodically, the locations change their visual design. The gameplay is dynamic and interesting, but a bit monotonous. Install a free game Zombie Drift on your device, shoot down zombies, earn money and buy new cars.

The action Zombiestan VR , in fact, is a usual shooting range, which differs little from similar applications. Before the game starts, the user must select a location. There are only four of them, but the developers promised to add a couple of new maps. After choosing a location, you are transported to an unknown place. Lost Survivor starts you off waking up on an island in the middle of the sea. There your goal is to find equipment, items, and other materials to help you survive. The game uses a turn-based combat system which is unique to this genre of game. The RPG aspect of the game makes it stand out compared to some other survival based games.

And the art style is great too, very charming and cartoony. Graphically it looks amazing but its gameplay is just as good. Your whole goal is to walk around the map to gather materials and build things to help you survive. The concept is the same as any other survival game but the visuals are what really make this game stand out. This is pretty much just a version of Minecraft with two slight changes.

It exists in the same blocky kind of world with the craft and builds mechanic. It runs well on mobile devices and looks pretty good too. Though that difference is not very significant. You can build full on equipped bases to live in and use through the game.

The art style is very charming as well. Now this one is an interesting entry in the genre. You can fish and pull things from the ocean and use them to build your raft more. You can make it huge to the point of just having a floating wooden house on the ocean and it gives a unique feel to the genre. Radiation Island is a very realistic style survival game that plays like a 3rd person action game.