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To buy an app: Press the price. Follow the instructions on the display to download and install the app. Press the Home key to return to standby mode.

HTC Desire C

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Step 7 of 12 Download and install app To download a free app: Step 9 of 12 Download and install app To buy an app: Or so says HTC, which has introduced that most rare of creatures -- a budget 'droid that doesn't taste of Gingerbread. The Desire C can be cheap but 'you get what you pay for' applies in spades. The Android experience it delivers is very budget indeed, so don't be distracted by thoughts of Ice Cream Sandwich goodness at bargain basement prices.

ICS can't compensate for the limitations of owning such an under-powered smart phone.

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On monthly contracts, the Desire C is hard to recommend. Also noteworthy is the excellent Huawei G , which costs a snip less on PAYG than the Desire C yet it offers a superior experience -- with a 1GHz chip and an attractive 4-inch display. And, if you can stomach a spot of bloatware, there are operator-branded blowers in this price range with more under the bonnet -- such as the T-Mobile Vivacity and the Orange San Francisco 2. At best, the Desire C would make an okay first-time smart phone for kids or newcomers to Android.

But it's not going to keep you guys entertained for long. Don't expect to get Face Unlock, for instance, which unlocks your handset using facial recognition, as this budget blower doesn't have a front-facing camera. What you do get, among other things, is ICS' ability to flick notifications out of the tray, a scrollable stack of thumbnails showing your recent apps also flickable , and a mobile data usage menu that allows you to set usage limits and warnings.

There's also the ability to resize certain widgets to take up more or less of the screen -- albeit there's not much room to play with on this dinky display. The Chrome browser works surprisingly well on such a low-powered device, with the 3D deck of cards interface for navigating tabs coming into its own on the small screen. Ultimately though, while it's nice to have the newest version of Google's OS on board, just having ICS isn't enough to make the Desire C a great phone.

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It certainly doesn't compensate for how slow and under-powered it is. There's no getting away from this unfortunate truth.

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One of the many more adequately powered Gingerbread Androids will typically be a more capable sidekick than this phone. There's no fancy lock screen widgets on the Desire C, for instance, just the option to set which app shortcuts appear. You do still get HTC's trademark preview widget menu but it's pretty slow -- and it just serves to underline how under-powered the phone is.

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It really is a shame HTC didn't use a more beefy chip. Elsewhere on the Desire C you'll find the familiar Android experience of multiple home screens to swipe around and customise with apps and widgets. Thousands of apps are available for download from Google's Play store, but don't expect all of them to run smoothly because of the phone's weak processor. The Desire C took so long to crawl through the set-up process -- appearing to freeze multiple times -- that I feared I might have been sent a dud. Eventually it recovered from this torpor and came to life. Or, more accurately, it stabilised to a plodding pace.

If you're doing anything more taxing than swiping around basic menus, expect to be regularly eyeballing loading screens before the stuff you're after materialises. At especially taxing times, you'll find yourself waiting for the phone to catch up with what your fingers are asking. Why the foot dragging?