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In case of emergency, dial This automatic number identification and location is sent to emergency service personnel, even if you cannot speak this important information. You will receive an automatic callback. This safety feature happens automatically on standard phone lines and multiline phone systems. If you have a VoIP line, things can get tricky since these types of calls can originate from virtually any internet connection.

If you do, your physical address will be shared with emergency services just like any other type of phone system and help can be dispatched to your location. VoIP is different.

2-Line Answering System with Dual Caller ID/Call Waiting

It uses the internet to handle voice calls. If you have slow internet, it may not be the best option for your business. On the other hand, if you need portability and flexibility, VoIP may be the best option for your business. Plans like Ooma office or Frontier AnyWare let you access some features from your computer, as well as your handset or mobile phone. Head on to the next chapter to learn more about VoIP. Residential Wholesale Business.

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Does My Business Need a Multi-Line Phone System?

Chapter 1: Multi-line Phone Systems. Common Challenges: Ability to connect to your home or office PC and receive calls from Outlook. Expandable up to twelve handsets that can be named to facilitate ease of communication. Handsets have intercoms, speakerphones, and mute options. No hold button on the handset creating the possibility for awkward silences and dead air time.

Chapter 1: Multi-line Phone Systems

Static noises and poor reception at times affect call quality. Expandable up to ten handsets with one base. Intercom and call transfer capability between handsets. Alarm clock and schedule reminders with a do not disturb mode. Handsets are prone to interference, often projecting fuzzy static making it difficult to hear parts of conversations. Handsets struggle for reception away from the base set. Difficult to reach technical support from Uniden.

Calls are digitized and encrypted protecting them from eavesdropping.

2-Line Answering System with Dual Caller ID/Call Waiting | DS | VTech® Cordless Phones

Expandable up to 12 handsets using only one phone jack. Ability to call in from anywhere to check voicemails. Single-line telephones All the versatility and brilliant sound of a multi-line system, available with single-line operation. Accessories Cordless headsets Batteries Expansion handsets Speakerphone Cordless headset spare parts Answering systems. Bundles Single handset 4 handsets 7 handsets 2 handsets 5 handsets 8 handsets 3 handsets 6 handsets. Sort by Most popular Price: Sign me up Invalid character. All rights reserved. Using a multi line phone system gives customers confidence.

They will recognize that you have a good set up and a strong team who are responsive to customer service requests. Phone lines can make a significant impact on your day to day business operations. Never miss a call. As the name suggests, a multi-line phone takes the line coming into your business, and splits it into multiple lines, allowing two or more phones to be linked at once via the same connection.

The upshot of this is that it allows businesses to set up an internal phone system without the need for installing new phone lines at considerable cost and inconvenience.

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They also introduce new features, such as call management to answer and direct calls to the relevant person, or the ability to take messages when nobody is available. Multi-line phones can be connected together to create a network, with one phone plugging into the next, or with each phone connecting to each other via an internet connection. When managing a small business you need a phone system that you can rely on, and there are several factors that you should take into consideration. But you should take care to choose a multi-line phone system that suits your growth strategy, to future proof it as much as possible.

They feature a range of functions such as auto-attendant and call forwarding but can keep business and personal calls separate. A 2 line phone system will have two separate lines, voicemail inboxes and telephone numbers, which can be connected to the same device. Popular with start up businesses or companies who are in the early stages of growth, two phone lines can prove crucial to enhancing customer service and improving communications. A 2 line phone system will offer a range of benefits to both small start up businesses and medium sized enterprises. A business can enjoy multiple benefits associated with such phone lines because there are multiple ways of handling and processing calls allowing a business to deal with two calls at the same time.

This not only facilitates multitasking but it makes a big difference when handling your day to day operations. As technology continues to develop, telephone lines are becoming more advanced with the 2 line system being just one of the many improvements in telephone communications.

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As the years progress, VoIP technologies will continue to develop and other systems will be launched which offer a greater choice of options to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers. Small business owners are more likely to use a 2 phone line system because these types of business are usually in the early stages of starting up and may either use a small home office to manage the day to day operations or work within a shared office. A 2 phone line system will avoid receiving work phone calls on a personal home telephone number.

Larger businesses can also use two line phone systems to manage different areas of their business such as one for general customer inquiries and then another line to handle technical queries. However within a larger businesses it is not unheard of for there to be a four, six or even twelve line phone system which has been installed to serve more complex communication requirements. There are many 2 line cordless phone systems available if you are looking for a more flexible communications option.

Employees in the healthcare industry, as well as those in construction and other types of shift work can benefit the most from a 2 line cordless phone. To read more about plenty of indoor and robust outdoor options please view our cordless phones guide. Having a 4 line phone system means that four employees could be on the phone at the same time.

However, up 16 phones could be connected to a 4 line system. Otherwise you could be investing money in extra lines that will go unused. Today, many businesses are favoring cloud-based , sometimes called Hosted VoIP-based, virtual telephony systems for multiple users, instead of regular multi-line set ups. There are many advantages to these, not least of doing away with traditional phone set-ups and replacing them with a virtual network which can be considerably cheaper, accessed anywhere, and be used on existing hardware such as computers and cell phones.

Cloud based systems are also much more versatile and scalable, with no physical limitations on how many lines you can have.

This allows your business to be much more flexible and meet your customers needs quicker. Whatever kind you choose, your business phone system is an essential piece of kit. Multi line networks can offer greater flexibility and with dedicated lines, business can come across as being more professional and organized which leaves a great impression with customers. So what are the best multi-line phones on the market right now?

7 Best Multi Line Phones 2018

We looked at both corded and cordless multiple line phones systems and found the following models came out on top.