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Don't worry, the original file will remain untouched. You can delete that one from iTunes if you want or remove the start and stop times.

Free Text Tone Maker for iPhone, iPad, iPod

If "Create AAC Version" doesn't show up as an option for you, your conversion settings are probably set differently than what they need to be. To change the settings, click "Preferences" in the menu bar, then click "Import Settings" in "General. Try converting the song now. Just make sure you have the option to convert to AAC. If using a song connected to an album, your AAC file should nestle itself directly underneath the original song. Random sound files, however, might make a duplicate outside of the original album. Just click "Recently Added" to make sure you're looking at the copied file.

Before wrapping up here, make sure to go back to your original song file and reset the time parameters. Otherwise, you'll essentially hear your text tone every time you try to play the full song. AAC isn't enough for iOS to register your file as a tone. Your text tone, which now reads as a. This file type is the standard for iOS tones.

Create, Add Ringtones to iPhone without iTunes and Computer

To convert your file to. While you're at it, change the song name to whatever you want your text tone to be called. Confirm the change on the popup, if one appears. This step only works if you're running iTunes Unfortunately, adding your new tone to your iPhone is trickier in older versions of iTunes. Skip to the next step if that applies to you. Check which version you're using by selecting "iTunes" in the menu bar, then clicking "About iTunes.

On iTunes You should find your iPhone in the sidebar on iTunes under "Devices. Finally, pick up the. Your tone will then automatically sync with your iPhone and, when finished, will be accessible from your iPhone's settings. Skip to Step 9 to learn what you can do with it.

As said above, if you're using iTunes Until now, iOS device users have had to limit themselves to merely the limited—and often bizarre—tones offered by Apple. While Apple would probably prefer you buy alert sounds from the Tones section of the iTunes Store, with a little time and know-how you can make your own custom tones from any song or sound. Tone it up: For example, you might love that latest hit single from your favorite band, but even a short snippet might be a bit long for a Calendar reminder.

However, there are a number of purposes to which you can now assign custom sounds, each of which may be suited to different kinds of tones.

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They include:. Also, iPads and iPod touches can take advantage of custom rings too, though their Ringtones are only triggered by FaceTime and their Text Tones by iMessage—neither has a New Voicemail alert, for obvious reasons. Other sounds might need some trimming too, to remove any extraneous material.

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  • For this task, you can pretty much turn to any consumer-level audio editor. GarageBand comes with every Mac and is well-suited for creating ringtones. Now drag your sound file from the Finder into the recently vacated track. However, just about every MP3 or M4A file should work fine.

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    Just a trim: You'll probably want to cut your custom sound to somewhere between five and 15 seconds. Choose the amount of your file you want as your sound—I recommend somewhere between a second and 15 seconds. Honestly, 15 seconds is a lot longer than you think. This content is blocked. Accept cookies to view the content.

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