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Out there on the battlefield, RPG elements collide with in-depth strategy mechanics and the results are always engrossing. Nobody can accuse Square Enix of neglecting Final Fantasy fans on mobile. Not only has the Japanese studio brought most of the early entries in the legendary RPG series to iOS and Android, it has also rebuilt Final Fantasy XV for mobile devices, from the ground up with a new cartoony aesthetic and an interface tailored for touchscreens.

Android , iOS. Square Enix is the undisputed king of the JRPG and that was certainly the case in the bit era when it was churning out classics like Chrono Trigger. The SNES smash differentiated itself from the early Final Fantasys with a time-bending story and high science fiction elements. Although the definitive way to experience Chrono Trigger is with an old-school Nintendo controller in hand, the essence of the game found its way to iOS and Android devices intact.

The twist-filled story is its lifeblood and the key ingredient that makes it timeless. So, the burning question is how does it fare on touchscreen hardware? Build your own Lightsaber, learn the ways of the Force or shun it in favour of joining the Dark Side. You can do all of these things and more in Knights of the Old Republic, the roleplaying game which delivered the definitive Star War experience.

Ktrulyas truely epic in its day, the action spanning nine planets from a galaxy far, far away, and it arrived on mobile with no concessions. The Force is as strong as ever in this one. Subscribe to GameZebo.

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Home The Best Final Fantasy. Top 10 RPGs on mobile: The Warrior also tends to hit hard to which is also a good reason to bring one along. The character in the second position doesn't get attack nearly as much as the character in the first position, but it gets attacked more often then the characters in the third or forth positions.

As such you'll want a character that can absorb at least a few hits without problems occurring later on. The Thief and Red Mage are both good choices because they can absorb at least some damage if needed. A Monk may not have that great a defense but it will have enough health to survive a few hits. Of course, if you want you can grab a second Warrior. For the third party slot, bring along a Red Mage or a White Mage.

Both for healing as well as for resurrecting fallen characters, you may find things difficult if you find yourself in a dungeon against difficult battles that can kill your characters if they aren't healed or even instantly kill them and can't be resurrected. If you chose a Red Mage for the second position, I would suggest potentially avoiding making the third character another Red Mage as you really only need one versatile character in the party. For the forth party slot, grab a character that will make up for party's shortcomings. By shortcomings I refer to areas that the party may be weaker in or lacking in.

Note that you don't have to follow my pointers and you're free to make whatever party you wish. The main reason for these pointers is to help a beginner at least make a party that stands a chance of getting to the end of the game. Looking back though, the reason I make the above pointers is because of some difficulties I had with the party for example, the lack of the Life Skill until the Red Mage became the Red Wizard or the fact that with only 1 Red Mage it was difficult to use both Offensive and Defensive spells in battle.

You could pretty well make a party consisting of anything and beat the game too, though keep you mind you may need to do a lot of leveling for some party types like for example, a party consisting of all Mages. This party will provide a decent level of protection in the first two party slots, good ability to produce damage, decent White Magic to keep your party alive and some Black Magic for those few tricky situations. I will use this party as a main reference for the rest of the walkthrough. Also, while I mention positions for the above characters, keep in mind you can switch them around as needed in game.

The main reasons for doing this is when I feel I need to have the Red Mage survive the encounter more then the Monk and I'm not sure it will survive if it's in the second position of the party. The first thing you'll want to do is to go to Corneria and equip your characters with some weapons, armor, and spells and then head outside of Corneria and wander around a bit to get a few random encounters to level on. If you have any left over money, get Cure for a character or characters that can cast it.

After you're done with your purchases, just head outside of the town and wander around. You'll eventually encounter some Goblins, Wolves, or Crazy Horses that you can battle to gain a little experience from. Keeping fighting until you hit level 2 and then either keep fighting until your characters health gets low or until you feel like heading back to town to purchase some more spells for other characters or to talk to the King in the Castle about his missing daughter. Around the time you are level 3 and are getting a feel for the battle system, you can start thinking about heading northwest towards the Chaos shrine.

Before you head to the Chaos shrine, you may want to stock up on a few Antidotes, a couple Sleeping Bags, perhaps a few potions and have at least purchased Fire or Thunder. You don't have to of course and can pretty well march up to Chaos shrine and defeat he boss Garland without worry of any real trouble but for those looking for trouble it will certainly help you. So decide what you want to do and when you're ready, just head northwest until you see the Chaos Shrine.

When there, just go in and enter the room in the middle to find the Princess and Garland in front. Talk to him and you'll begin the boss battle with him. He isn't too hard but he tends to hit your weaker armored characters hard enough that you should be careful. If you don't feel like exploring you can talk to the Princess and get a free warp back to the castle; else you can look around in a couple of the unlocked rooms and get a few items. There are a couple rooms you can't get into now but you can come back when you get the Mystic Key which is a Key Item you'll receive from the Elf Prince later on.

Upon getting warped back, talk to the King and when you're down a Bridge will be built. Then before you go, talk to the Princess and she'll give you the key item called the Lute. That pretty much sums up everything you need to do in Corneria for now so feel free to buy whatever supplies or spells you wish to buy and head out across the Bridge. You'll get a brief opening text screen and the real adventure will begin. Across the Bridge you have two directions of travel, you can head north to Matayo's Cave or East to the next town, Pravoka.

It doesn't really matter where you go but if you head to Matayo's cave there are a few chests with Potions and Antidote for you which you may want to get now, or just leave until later.

10. Wayward Souls

You will have to head to Pravoka though as that will have to be your destination if you are to go anywhere else. Heading to Pravoka is fairly easy but the monsters you may encounter aren't pushovers. Ogres in particular while great for money can do substantial damage when they hit and it is likely you'll encounter more then a few on the way there.

You may want to stock up on a few Potions or Sleeping Bags, or attempt to level up a bit. Keep in mind that the Inn in Corneria is the cheapest anywhere in game and you can always run back to it if you start off and get a few tough encounters right at the start. When you do reach Pravoka, you'll find there are only a few NPCs wandering about. In the northwest corner of town you find a stationary NPC that looks like a pirate.

Talking to him will trigger a battle with 9 Pirates but when defeated you'll get a ship for your troubles. Before you leave you might want to grab some level 2 spells or some Leather Gloves from the Armor Shop but beyond that you should wait until you reach the next town you'll visit, Elfheim. When you jump into the ship there are basically two places you can head off too. Elfheim is of course one of those places but if you want you can visit Mount Duergar where you'll find some Dwarves and more importantly, some money.

Whether you go there now or not though, you will be ending up in Elfheim sooner or later. Most of it will be too expensive so you'll probably be spending some time now leveling up your party and making money. Pay close attention to the Mithril Swords in the Weapon store as these will be the best weapons for your Warrior and Red Mage to equip for some time on.

At this point in the game you should take a chance to level your characters and make some money. You'll want to buy some Level 3 perhaps Level 4 spells and outfit your characters with some better equipment. As to where you may want to level, that's up to you. If you sail around in the middle sea for a bit you'll run into some random encounters with sea monsters that can yield some good money. If you want weaker monsters then just hand out near Pravoka for a bit until your characters level up and you feel you can strike at tougher areas.

Personally I like to hang out around Mount Duegar or head east of Elfheim as I find there are quite a few Ogre encounters that you can make some money from. Make a note though, if you want you can power level your characters in an area with really tough monsters. If you head to Pravoka and follow the path down into the mountains and then north you'll find an area known as the Peninsula of Power with very tough monsters. In this area you will find monsters commonly found in the Lufenia area from later in game that you can fight, such as Minotaur Zombies, Wyverns, Trolls, Winter Wolves, and Hill Giga's.

While these battles are tough like expect a life and death battle for each and every battle your party faces you can use the experience and money to quickly advance your characters. I generally would recommend you get all your characters to at least level 10, purchasing Fira, Cura, and whatever other spells fancy you, having 30 Potions, 30 Antidotes, and a few Sleeping Bags and Tents. If you're on a roll, feel free to keep leveling though as it will certainly make your life easier if to level your party as high as you can.

The next area you'll be visiting will be tough due to the constant amount of poisoning and paralysis that will be inflicted on the characters in your party. You'll find that you'll be using Antidotes a lot and having to cast Cure spells or Potions as fair bit as well. When your ready to proceed, you next stop will be the Marsh Cave, located southwest of Elfheim in the Marsh area.

Your goal will be to get the crown which is the key item you will need, located on the bottom floor of the Marsh Cave. You're told to go there by a NPC that looks like a king in the castle Northwest of Elfheim but you don't actually have to go there. When you get to the Marsh Cave you may want to use a Sleeping Bag or Tent to save the game as the Marsh can be a bit difficult. You'll know which chest holds the crown because of grey statues in the one room you can enter next to it, and it is guarded by Piscodemons when you approach it.

There are a lot of chests you can loot from as well if you wish throughout the Marsh Caves, and you may need to make several trips in and out of the Marsh Cave to loot from them all. There Marsh Cave consists of 3 levels, the first level which leads up north to a staircase or down south to a ladder. If you head north you find a level with some chests to loot but nothing more, if you head south you'll find some more chests and a staircase leading down to the third level.

Only the third level you'll see 16 rooms in a 4 by 4 pattern. The southern rooms will be inaccessible and locked at the moment so you'll have 3 by 4 rooms to explore, some with chests and some empty. As a whole, no particular encounter here is really all that remarkable besides the battle with the Piscodemons for the crown. However you should keep and eye out for battles with Scorpions or with Bloodbones and Crawlers. Scorpions have a high attack and can poison your characters while Bloodbones have a high attack and Crawlers have a high chance of causing paralysis which can mean trouble for an lowly defended party.

The Piscodemons are of course tough as well due to their decent defense and high attack but you only have to worry about facing them once, unless you step on the square repeatedly.

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When you do get the crown and whatever loot you want from the chests, your next stop will be the castle Northwest of Elfheim and North of the Marsh Cave, known as the Western Keep. You can go there immediately but note that you'll be entering a fight as soon as you finish talking to the NPC, also known as the Dark Elf King Astos. As such you might want to return to Elfheim first to visit the Inn and restore your party's Mana and Health. Make a note that you should also save before you fight him too as more often then not he'll kill a character in your party more often then with Death, and instant kill spell.

If he does you can just simply reload the game and fight him until he fails to do so or if you get lucky and successfully hit him with Silence or something who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and he'll just attack you. He isn't exactly tough to kill but he has a high defense and he knows a few spells like Slowra and Haste and he can hit hard enough to damage even your armored characters. When Astos is defeated you'll get the Crystal Eye key item.

With the Crystal Eye in hand, head to Matoya's cave, north of Corneria, and give it to her. She'll give you a Jolt Tonic in return which you can give to the Elf Prince. That will wake him up and he'll give you the Mystic Key. It's worth collecting all the items as some of it is nice equipment for your characters to wear. Even if most of it is useless you'll be able to sell it for money which you can use to buy spells or for the Knight's Armor if you want to do so in the next town.

Bear in mind that the chests in the Chaos Shrine are guarded with Gargolyes, the Western Keep chests are guarded by monsters like Wraiths and Mummys, and the Marsh Cave chests are guarded with Piscodemons and Anacondas. Make a note that if you have a Thief in your party, you may want to keep the Wyrmkiller, Rune Blade, and Werebuster as those are the best weapons he can use. The Mithril Hammer will also be the best weapon for your White Mage.

In one of the mystically sealed rooms in Corneria Castle you'll find some Nitro Powder. This key item can be given to one of the Dwarves in Mount Duegar, and he'll use it to make a canal for you. When the Canal is made, you can sail out of it into the rest of the world map. There isn't a whole lot to sail out to though as you can only gain access to two towns, one just West of wear you sail out called Melmond where your quest picks up and another far to the southeast of Pravoka on the Southern side of the continent called Crescent Lake.

If you want too, you can head to Crescent Lake now it pick up better equipment or if your leveled high enough or just want to buy them now you can pick up some Level 6 spells, though keep in mind your Red Mage won't be able to cast any of them since he needs to become a Red Wizard first. You can ignore buying the equipment though as you can probably get by just picking up equipment from here on in anyways. However, if you have 2 Warriors in the party you may want to come to get one equipped with some of the better gear. In Melmond you can consider if you want to buy a Knight's Armor for your Warrior.

It's debatable though if you want to do this because it costs a hell of a lot and your Warrior is going to eventually get some Fire Armor or Ice Armor to wear anyways; though note if you have two Warriors in your party you might want to purchase. Beyond the armor can buy some Silver Armlets for your other characters, as well as purchase Level 5 Spells here.

When you head west of Melmond you will find two caves to explore. The first cave to the west you can't really explore, a Giant is going to block your way, but the second to the south you certainly can. This is the Earth Cave Called Cavern of Earth in Game and it is going to be a nice long dungeon that you're going to be in for a little bit, and having to visit twice. Make a note that from here on in for the rest of the game, you should expect that when you approach a chest to loot, you'll be fighting a monster.

In the Earth Cave on the first few levels, this usually translates into an Earth Elemental. To describe what you're facing in the Earth Cave, it is basically a dungeon composed of quite a bit of undead monsters with some of the generic stuff you've already been fighting thrown in. Some new unique monsters will pop up now and then like Cockatrice, Trolls, and Minotaurs which will have more health or cause more damage, or in the case of the Cockatrice, cause plenty of headaches as your characters turn to stone.

Poison will be fairly rampant so have quite a bit of antidotes ready. When you enter you'll find numerous paths you can take. The two paths to the west will lead to the Hall of Gigas, called such because after a certain point, every move you make you'll have an encounter with some Hill Gigas. Usually you'll find 1 or 2 of them and perhaps some Lizards as well. Note that if your money is tight or if you want to level your characters, it's a decent place to roam around for a bit. If you're looking to pursue your quest though, you should ignore that area.

Head north or south and you'll find some chests you can loot from, head east and you'll find a stairway to the next level down. On the second level there are a couple of rooms with loot you can get, worth noting that in the northeast room you'll find a Coral Sword, another nice weapon for your Thief to use. Just below that room you'll find a hallway leading to the stairway to level 3. Following the path around, you'll see rooms and hallways leading to rooms with chests to loot. At the end of level 3 you'll run into a Vampire to fight, upon defeating you'll be able to grab the key item the Star Ruby from the chest nearby.

The Vampire isn't anything tough but he can be a real pain if he manages to stun a character quickly. When you're done in the room just head on back out the way you came. After you get out, take the time to restock if needed, and head over to the Giant's Cave and give the Giant the Star Ruby. He'll let you pass and you'll be free to head on through.

Head south for some loot, else head to the staircase and proceed to the next cave. Talk to him and he'll tell you that you defeated a minion and he'll give you the key item the Earth Rod which you can use to access level 4 of the Earth Cave.

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Head back to where you defeated the Vampire and head north to the stone slab. Use the Earth Rod there and head down the revealed stairway to level 4. From here on it, you'll find that the chests are guarded by different monsters. Watch for Sphinx in particular as they are extremely hard to kill and deal significant damage! Work your way westward. You'll find the stairway to the final level in the dungeon, level 5, in the northwest corner.

Heading immediately north of the staircase will lead to a room for loot; if you go there, watch those chests on the far left because you'll encounter some Sphinx in a couple squares there. If you head to the southwest corner you find another room with some more loot for you to snag; no Sphinx guarding any of these chests.

2. Join a Guild

Upon getting to level 5 there is really only one thing to do here, head to the only room on the level. When you get there you'll see this nice shiny crystal sitting in front of you. Before you go and tough it though, heal up your characters. Your about to face your first 'real' boss battle, against the Fiend of Earth, Lich! Before you go into your battle you may want consider if you have enough magic left from your spell casters. This will be a battle where spells like Haste and Temper will be beneficial, NulShock and NulFrost will help reduce damage, Dia, Diara, Diaga, Fira, and Firaga spells will cause high damage, and Curaga and Healra can help you keep a key character going a bit longer if needed.

You can get by perhaps but I wouldn't recommend trying to take out this boss without some of these spells at the ready to help you. To describe Lich, he's an Undead Spellcaster. Blizzra, Sleepra, Haste, Thundara, etc, you'll be getting hit by the variety of them.

When fighting Lich, your main goal will be to nullify as much of the incoming spell damage while trying to deal as much damage as possible. If your lucky he'll go down quickly before he can seriously damage your party. After you defeat Lich, just walk to the Alter in from of you. You'll get a teleport to the entrance of the Earth Cave outside, now with your Earth Orb lit up. From here you're done with Melmond so buy any spells you haven't got yet, and head over to Crescent Lake. As a note for future reference, whenever you defeat one of the fiends and get access to the Alter behind him, you can use it to teleport out of he dungeon to the entrance, very nice since it certainly beats having to walk out of the dungeon the way you came.

When you reach Crescent Lake, head around to the path in back of town until you see 12 NPCs standing in a circle. One of them will provide you with a canoe which you can use to travel on rivers. Be careful though because some of the monsters you'll encounter on the rivers can be quite deadly watch for Crocodiles especially. Now you get a choice as to what you want to do next. You can head to Ice Cavern Called the Cavern of Ice in Game and pick up the key item known as the Levistone which you'll need to get an airship that lets you travel around anywhere and land on the northern continent or you can head to the volcano called Mount Gulg where you can collect the Fire Crystal and get your Fire Orb lit up.

It doesn't really matter where you go since you'll be heading to both places eventually, you'll need that Airship eventually for example, but romping around to get the Levistone is exceeding difficult due to some of the monsters. The monsters in Mount Gulg aren't pushovers but it is likely they will be less difficult.

Both places contain some nice items to pick up, certainly worth equipping on any Warrior in the party or future Ninja. To explain something important to note though, one advantage of getting the Airship is that you can immediately head up to the Citadel of Trials to perform a quest to Class change your characters. You can also access the towns up there for equipment and spells, notably Gaia which is a town completely surrounded by mountains, though you'll probably lack the money to buy anything. The Class Change is optional but it is recommended as it makes the game much easier, and if you have a Thief in your party, much more enjoyable.

For this walkthrough I'll continue on as if the choice made was to go to Mount Gulg since it is easier, but you as the player are free to go where you please and you can skip down to the next section if you want and can back to read the Mount Gulg section later when you want to get to it. Whether you're going to the Ice Cavern or Mount Gulg, you'll have quite a bit of river to cross over.

I recommend bringing a few Cottages because when you get to Mount Gulg you'll have difficulty travelling to Mount Gulg and back and you may have to use some spells. As for Mount Gulg itself, you may want to backtrack midway through while scavenging items from the chests to use a Cottage before continuing on. That said, you can get away with just Tents and Sleeping Bags but money shouldn't be too much of a problem at this point in the game.

When you enter Mount Gulg, the first thing you'll probably want to note is that you'll see Lava tiles. These are both double edge swords because when you walk on them, your characters take damage, but you won't experience a random encounter. It's up to you if you want to use them to avoid random encounters then as such. For the monsters dwelling within the dungeon, you should be on guard as you're in a Volcana and all the monsters are 'Fire' Themed. Some other spells may also get thrown into the mix, you'll run into Ogre Mages quite a bit, and Horned Demons can cast Hold which can be a bit annoying.

You won't run into any Undead and Poison won't be as evident though so at least you won't have to worry about that as much as you did in the Marsh Cave or the Earth Cave. For the first level, there won't be much to do, just run over the lava and get to the stairs to the next level. The second level you'll see a hallway with lava and a lot of doors. If you want, just run west and you'll see a stairs to the third level, but if you head through the doors you can find some loot. Notably you can find the Great Sword, which while doing less damage then the Mithril Sword will be more accurate and be more effective against Giants.

On the third level, it's pretty much run and dash, just find the exit to the next level, head east from the stairs. The forth level is like the third but this time you'll be dashing over almost an entire level of lava, head southeast from the stairs and you'll get to the next level. The sixth level, much like the last two levels is run and dash. Head west a room, work your way south two rooms, and then run the lava gauntlet to the stairs at the end. The sixth is notable for the fact that you can find items again.

You can tell you've reached the level because you'll see a room which will have a couple of chests in it to loot from. Look carefully on this level because one of the items in the chest you can collect is the Ice Brand, you'll find it if you just work your way west from the stairs. Feel free to visit all the rooms if you wish for loot, else just work your way south and you'll find the stairs to the seventh level.

The final and last level, you'll find yourself in the seventh level with eight paths to choose from with rooms at the end. Further towards the rooms there will be a circle of lava which you can run along if you want to quickly travel between the rooms. The boss Marilith lies in the room in the southwest direction.

Final Fantasy IX Android iOS Walkthrough - Gameplay Part 1

However, before you go fight her you should head west because in that room you'll find Flame Mail, an excellent piece of equipment to equip on your Warrior. Like Lich, Marilith is a tough little boss. She can cast other stuff too I've seen her cast Dark but the rest really isn't worth noting as much. Spells won't work too well on her so when your get those above spells off, your Spellcasters should just focus on using Cura spells or using Potions. She should go down quickly but she may possibly take out a character or two in your party if you can't get NulBlace up fast enough or if she attacks a weaker member of your party.

Flame Mail will really help with reducing the damage she inflicts, and if you have an Ice Brand equipped on your Warrior it will tear into her. Like Lich, when Marilith is defeated just walk to the Alter and get teleported outside, now with your Fire Orb lit. Use a Cottage, resurrect characters if you can, and head back to Crescent Lake to restock. If you didn't loot everything inside you might take an opportunity to head back in and do so if you feel you're still stocked well enough for it.

Else you're done with Mount Gulg. Eventually when he becomes a Ninja, that will be some good equipment for him to use, possibly to the end of the game. As for the Ice Cavern itself, it can be quite damaging, and you may want to flee back to the entrance if you get a bad start or if you find that after traversing halfway through it you've taken considerable damage. When you enter the Ice Cavern, the first thing you'll probably want to note is that you'll see Ice tiles when you go in far enough.

For the monsters dwelling within the dungeon, you should be on guard as you're in a Frozen Cavern and the monsters are commonly 'Ice' Themed. Some other spells may also get thrown into the mix, you'll run into Dark Wizards from time to time and these suckers can pretty well party wipe you if your not careful since they can cast Fira or Scourge; not to mention Ambush you quite a bit.

Mindflayers will also sometimes make an appearance and they can be quite fatal in some encounters if you're not careful. Undead are frequently running around in the dungeon but poison is not a concern at least in this dungeon. Keep in mind you'll run into Cockatrice in this dungeon so have some Gold Needles ready. When you enter, it's pretty straightforward. You have a hall in front of you and you follow it toward the first pair of stairs.

It should be noted though that the first level is indeed the last level in the Dungeon. When you get to that first staircase, if you look a little to the southwest of it, you'll see the exit for the Dungeon as well, though you can't get to it yet. The second level is also straightforward, to a point, you have two hallways but they both end up in the same destination.

Pick one and follow it to the next staircase. Watch for Dark Wizards as they generally like to appear on the second level. When you get to the third level, there is another staircase in front of you, simply put; you should know what to do without me telling you. On the forth level you'll see a gigantic room with 3 chests and a whole lot of holes in the floor.

Falling into any of the holes will lead you to the fifth level. At this time you can access two of the chests, though you should only access the chest you can approach from the north area of the room. The eastern chest is guarded by several Dark Wizards and the reward in the chest is just some paltry clothes.

The other chest you can access will have a Flame Sword which is really nice for this Dungeon and later on. The last you can't access at the moment as there are holes around it, though you should make a note that it is the chest with the Levistone in it that you're after. When you loot what you will, just jump into one of the holes to continue on. Immediately dropping down you'll land in a room on the fifth level. Defeat them and move on out and you'll find your first encounter with the Ice tiles that will damage you.

If you move on the first western path you'll see, you'll be lead to a room with 2 chests. In them, you'll find a vicious White Dragon s waiting for you, but the chests will yield and Ice Armor and some Mythril Gloves. You may want to forget getting the gloves since you'll have to battle more White Dragon s if you do but that's up to you. Heading southwest you'll find another room, in it you'll find 6 chests will a load of cash for you to pick up.

One of them will be guarded by Winter Wolves and it will be the one in the northeast corner of the room and you should probably avoid that chest as it yields very little gil for you. Continue on down the southeast path and you'll find the stairs. On the next level you'll be happy to know that you're on the last level, or the first level, depending on how you want to view it. Enter the room in front of you and you'll see a chest in it, as well as another in a room to the south.

Moving west you'll see another room and to the northeast the stairs that will allow you to exit the dungeon. At this point, if you feel your party has sustained a lot of damage and might not survive much longer, you can exit the dungeon and use a cottage or flee for more supplies, though note if you feel your good to go, enter that west room and you'll see 3 chests and a hole to drop down in. One of the chests will yield an Ice Shield for you, as for a hole, dropping down to it will send you where you need to be to access the chest with the Levistone from level 4.

Keep in mind that the chest is guarded by an Evil Eye. He's nothing too tough he knows a plethora of spells, and even silenced he can still get off multiple effects with his deadly Gaze literally, he'll just Gaze at you constantly, sometimes for damage, perhaps to stone a character, whatever. In any case he will die quickly since he lacks the hit points to take multiple hits. The worse he can probably do is instantly kill off a character if he gets off a Death spell in the first turn.

After you defeat the Evil Eye, just grab the Levistone and drop into one of the holes. From then on, you should know what to do to get out. After you acquire the Levistone, you can use it to get your airship. Go back to Crescent Lake and then head south until you see the river, follow it south and you'll see a desert. Walk to the desert and stand in it, use the Levistone and an airship will appear for you to use. The Airship can fly anywhere you please, though you can only land it on grassland like areas.

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In the Northern Continents, the only town you can immediately visit is Gaia, a town surrounded by mountains in the North. The others: Lufenia to the south of Gaia and Onrac in the west will require that you land on the ground far away and walk too. For Lufenia, you'll have to land on a spot of land north of the town, for Onrac, you can land near the desert or the wastelands.

If you want, you can go to Gaia now to buy some new equipment. Ruby Armlets and Protection Rings can offer some nice advantages if you can afford them. Note though you don't have to buy anything and you'll probably do just fine, plus you may find similar or better equipment anyway. However, the equipment or spells may help in keeping your characters alive longer which is reason to consider buying it. You could also go to Gaia or Onrac if you want as well to purchase spells.

You'll find a couple level 7 spells in Onrac you can acquire in both Black and White Magic, and the other level 7 spells in Gaia. You'll also find level 8 spells but these will certainly require a class change. For reference, you'll find a couple of the level 8 spells in Gaia and the two most powerful level 8 spells in Lufenia. Make a note that the magic shops in Lufenia are sort of hidden. To get to them, make your way to the northeast of the town where you see a little gate.

From there, walk east and only east, and you'll eventually see them. If you have defeated Marilith already, you can head on over towards Onrac and start working your way towards getting the Water Crystal. However, most likely what you'll want to do is head on over to the Citadel of Trials to begin the quest for your Class Change. Make a note that you don't have to go to the Citadel of Trials. The Quest is entirely optional; it is just helpful as many spells aren't available until your character Class Change, as well as equipment that your characters can use.

You can do it whenever you like as well so you can put it off until just before you go to fight Chaos if you want. The Citadel of Trials, like Onrac and Lufenia, requires you land far away and then walk too. There are a couple of ways you can walk to it, either is fine. Note though that one way requires you to cross through a desert and you may run into a Sand Worm or two if you come from that direction. The other which requires you to walk around the Bay might be safer, if somewhat longer distance perhaps.

After you speak to him, just do as he says and sit on the Throne to begin. The Citadel of Trials is generally nothing too difficult to handle, though most of the monster you appear will generally have some trick up their sleeve. That said though, you aren't fighting stuff that you can laugh at, some of those tricks can spell trouble. Medusa will appear and potentially turn your characters to stone.

Mindflayer's are going to be a nuisance that can sometimes lead to character deaths, and in large groups, perhaps a party wipe. Zombie Dragons can be a bit of a problem if they come in and stun a character or two, since their attacks do quite a bit of damage.

Keep an eye on what you fight and consider if you should perhaps flee from an encounter or not.