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On the other hand, priority is never given to input on Android. Feedback to input can take forever sometimes. I've seen text input slow to a crawl, letters skipped, cursor jumping everywhere, words doubling all of a sudden, it's insane. Not to mention 3 or 4 different autocorrect engines running at the same time. And even with all that autocorrect going on sometimes errors are completel.

Which is exactly why the first thing I do on any computing device be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or watch is to turn off animations, or where that's impossible, speed them up as much as will be allowed. Makes everything feel far more responsive, and makes things actually work. Animation is not required in a UI. And no, to those who intentionally misinterpret this, that doesn't mean you don't need feedback of actions taken, just that it doesn't need to be animated.

The button turning a different co. GUI animation is the absolute cancer. It's everywhere, on desktop, in applications, on websites. Really feels like everything returned to the 90's web state full of animated GIFs, blinking text and endless pop-ups. If you're a developer, please don't be a jerk and get rid of all the animated crap, please. I turn animation off on all my devices, instantly makes a 3 year old device feel faster than the newest top of the line flagship device. It's pretty funny really, because Apple makes a big deal about how app developers are not supposed to block UI, and about how to make animations interruptible.

The fix will probably be pretty simple The calculator issue is really bad though. Even just moderately fast pressing of buttons yields input blocking depending on what you are doing. I expect it was a seemingly basic tweak to the existing Calculator code from iOS v. And it probably passed the initial Smoke test, and if they did see that problem, they probably figured that they just messed up their typing. I see it more of a fail in QA then in core architecture.

These blocking events were probably put way back in or earlier, well before apple guidelines were in effect for the iPhone. Remember the original iPhone didn't allow custom Apps.

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Steve Jobs wanted everyone to make. I found it more depressing that my old iPad 2 originally not even had an calculator. I downloaded a free one and needed to block its access to the internet on cellular, so it stopped displaying advertisement. I guess the fix for the current iPhone is the same: It is probably more functional complete anyway. CPU time and network time should be better spent on the really important stuff that computers are supposed to do: If they show animated Cheetarah videos, a lot of people will even give them a VPN connection so they can plunder all your ports at once.

I have an iPhone 6S on iOS Why on earth does a freaking animation get precedence over a button push?

More importantly, why is it even blocking at all? I'm old enough to remember typing on remote CRT terminals which were connected to a central computer over a baud line or maybe it was ? Back then, if you typed reasonably fast you could get ahead of the terminal's display by a few characters I just tried it too. It's a minor annoyance I suppose, and should be fixed in an update, but not at all worthy of an article on Slashdot. Guess what is my favourite calculator app. I'm happy Apple is taking so many innovative, brave, bold moves. Their emphasis on UI, and animation, is transforming the calculator industry.

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If you type username and then Return, the Return does not immediately switch focus to the password field - it only starts an animation and passes focus to the password field when the animation is done. So, if you type your password too fast, the first few characters will not end up in the password field or not at all, if your password is short.

Texas Instruments had a similar screwup in the early 80's. After capturing a huge chunk of the U. It was practically impossible to type in a long equation without having multiple double or triple press errors. I tossed mine in disgust, tried out one of the new Sharp scientific calculators just hitting the market, and never looked back.

Texas Instruments basically handed over their share of the scientific calculator market to Sharp and Casio in the space of two years. This is similar in a way to the bug behind the famous Therac incident. The Therac as a medical radiation machine which had software which was supposed to prevent patients receiving dangerous doses of radiation.

However it turned out the operators entered configuration command far faster than testers did, creating a race condition that could result in the machine delivering over x the safe dosage. The bug never showed up in testing because the testers never got as fast at input as the operators, and in any case the specific keystroke combination that caused it was rare. Why nerds like us who are "sperglords" disable animation and flashy bullshit in applications and operating systems, ever since windows XP. I've been abused countless times for it, but at the end of the day, the goddamn computing device should keep up with ME.

Not the other way round. I'm extremely fast on the keyboard, I know endless shortcuts, I can get things done quickly, but I need responsive tools. As far as I know the standard Apple calculator does not a scientific option.

This is an accurate and correct description of the behavior of calc. For my purposes, I'm almost always in scientific mode occasionally in programmer mode, but only if I don't want to open up a better tool. Here, have a real Windows calc.

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Not strange at all. That is zero within "eps", and is because they are using the Intel or AMD math processor for the square root. WE look at "4" and know the square root is exactly two because we learned that. The CPU goes through a standard algorithm for determining the square root of a number, and because of the inherent imprecision of floating point math with a limited number of bits, the answer is not identical to zero because the square root of 4 is not identical to 2. No, sorry, that's just wrong by the basic rules of algebra. Multiplication gets precedence over addition. That newfangled idea of a precedence tree in computer languages is predated by at least a hundred years in mathematics.

If your calculator is giving you 18, it is wrong, and is the result of a lazy developer not understanding the appropriate operator precedence. Doing correct arithmetic is non-trivial it isn't hard, but it isn't trivial: Multiplication has higher precedence than addition! Answer should be 12! And this is the expected result.

A basic calculator doesn't take algebraic input. It does operations in the order they are received from the operator you. Any basic physical calculator would do the same. It's on the operator to put the calculations in in the correct order. Actually doing differently would be bad since most people familiar calculators would not be expecting them to have a hidden operations queue and should be entering the calculations accordingly.

Having a hidden queue would result in une. Type in an equation, get an answer to the equation. Type in a sequence of discrete operations, get the answer to a sequence of discrete operations. The post i responded to said it wouldn't return 12, but it does. Calculator on XP returns Calculator on Win 7 returns I don't have a simple four function calculator handy, but I would bet that it gets 18, too. This is a problem of algebraic entry vs. The former requires look-ahead to know the right answer.

The "calculator" that came stock with my Galaxy Tab doesn't do immediate operations, it records the equation you enter and then processes it when you pr. I've never done iPhone dev, but on Android this could totally be done by designers who were given control over the animations and don't actually understand the programming at all. And if the programmers are doing their own QA for example, in test-driven development that is required they might not even realize there is an extra stupidity to test there because it is outside their actual specialty. I blame the project managers for telling the designs to animate, and not telling QA to test that part extensivel.

The app doesn't use the OS keyboard. The whole screen is a calculator and the buttons are there. And for some dumb reason it won't read those buttons while playing an animation. Despite this, I'm fairly sure that their OS keyboard animated in a non blocking way. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Check out Slashdot on Minds! Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool.

A reader shares a report: If you've upgraded your iPhone's operating system to iOS 11, try this: You likely won't get 6. You might get 23, or 24, or 16, or 32, or something else, depending on what buttons you tap and in what order, and, obviously, none of which is the right answer. This discussion has been archived.

No new comments can be posted. More Login. First CS assignment. Share twitter facebook linkedin. The calc app does some sort of weird floating point math despite the fact that the square root of 4 is exactly 2 and no floating point math is needed and comes up with an answer of The Win10 calculator just gave me this result: I knew Win10 was crap, but come on. My name's not Dave! Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin.

It gets even weirder than that!

The Calculator app on some iPhones isn't working properly — here's what you should use instead

But does systemd-calcd compute the right result when you IPC it the math term via dbus? Emacs calc is the ultimate: Actually it is. Typical Apple. Form over function. It's a bug. A stupid bug, but I'm sure it wasn't intentional and that they'll fix it. And for that matter, in a perfect world, the testers wouldn't be told how the devs expected the software to be used.

Instead, they'd be expected to mess around with it, use it in unexpected ways not that typing too fast should be unexpected and try to make it fail. Because they are morons. OSX You shipped one with iOS. Did your app have buttons that fade out when you press them? Go back and do it again. When they say, "don't text and drive", they really mean "put the fucking phone down and don't type. When AC says Honda, I'm assuming he means the in-dash navigation and radio.

Imagine, for a moment, that you think you hear sirens, but you don't see flashing lights, so you decide to turn the radio down to hear them better. You can't really wait for a safe place to pull over to do that, since you may end up impeding an emergency vehicle before then, so you're stuck fumbling with the damn infotainment system and waiting for it to animate every By the time you've turned the damn thing down enough to hear, the ambulance or fire truck is up your ass, because you had to take your eyes off the road and your rear-view mirror to look for the spot on the screen to touch for volume in the first place.

Can we just have fucking physical knobs and buttons back, please? You're typing it wrong. Math isn't outdated. The calculator interface is outdated. To me, nothing tops GotoFail. Though, I still believe that was intentional since their explanation of patching caused it doesn't fail spectacularly like they claim. But it does mean, their development and QA process is shitty. Well, given that the feedback in this case is a button animation, I must be looking at the screen in order to see it Beyond that, the haptic feedback already provided by the phone does a fine enough job of letting me know my input was received.

The worst is typing in Android Score: Animation is cancer Score: Of course this being an Apple product, they probably don't allow that Only apps can app apps! Modern app appers want appy numbers that let them app apps while apping other apps! Blocking UI is really bad Score: Gimmicky animation is such a waste of CPU As long as they show me animated cat pictures at the same time, no problem! Unable to reproduce. New Apple Score: Unfortunately it can't do math.

No it can do math just fine. I just cannot register a tap event while an animation is drawing. None of this would have happened I got 6 Score: Does that mean my iphone is working correctly or incorrectly by Apple standards. Not the best calculator Score: Brave, Innovative, Bold, Move Score: Reminds me of gmail. Bugs the hell out of me. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Forgot to mention. I demand a refund for viewing this free website! Your commenters are bullies.

You should feel like a big idiot? If we were bullies, we would be out giving wedgies to little kids. No one deserves that kind of torture. Using microsoft is like waterboarding.

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I unfortunately have to develop in a. Net shop. PhySy has released PhySyCalc. It is the only iPhone calculator on the app store with units. PhySyCalc is a full blown scientific calculator that can add, subtract, multiply, divide, raise to powers, and do many other operations with numbers and units representing actual physical quantities.

Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Instead of downloading a new app, just do the following ot instantly transform your iPhone into a complete scientific calculator: Enter your email address below: Posted by: Chris says: December 29, at 7: December 29, at 5: San Anto says: December 29, at 9: LOLer says: January 5, at 5: Tim says: December 29, at 8: Oyster Breath says: December 29, at 1: