Probleme connection ipad apple tv

All guides and instructions about this topic are advising how to customise the Control Centre, but in iPad 2 this cannot be done, so it is a bit of a pickle!!!

Bluetooth not Working on Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod - Won't Connect

Just to remind, Chromecast seems to be working fine from all of the apps, so this is merely Apple TV problem. Dec 5, 5: So, your iPad is not detecting your Apple TV on the network. Try getting the free Fing app for your iPad and scan the network. Jan 11, 7: McCall In response to Diana. This information is helpful that it only appears when an Apple TV is detected. However, my goal is to connect my iPad 2 9. Is this possible? Hi angelbabykr No it is not. An iOS device is an AirPlay sender, not a receiver.

It cannot allow another device to display on its screen. Feb 23, My AppleTV 7. Both devices restarted several times.

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Both on the same wifi network. Still I do not see AirPlay button on ipad command center. It used to work earlier for past several years. Mar 8, 4: Mar 19, 8: I have an Apple TV 3rd generation A running 7. For some reason on this iPad it doesn't display the Apple TV in the room.

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  5. It shows other Apple Apple TVs in the same network. The user was able to use the same iPad and Apple TV once before. I am not sure what changed or why it no longer works.

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    I understand the iPad is an outdated model but it did work at some point in the past. Communities Contact Support. My devices started working in the Homekit app. I was then able to shut off my wifi on my phone, and still control ALL my devices. However, I did remove the Leviton device from the Leviton app, which in-turn, removed it from my Homekit.

    How to Troubleshoot Apple TV Connection Problems

    For now, I'm going to leave that device removed from my system to see if my system stays stable. My suggestion, if you are having issues, would be to first do a complete reset of the AppleTV which is acting as my hub Keep in mind, I did have to reconnect my devices which were still having an issue, but after doing so it seems like it has been working for the past few hours. Good Luck. Dec 4, 6: Had the exact same problem, no response from devicwhile on cellular but works fine on home WiFi. Seems to work for me. Dec 6, 8: Another update. My other devices still worked however.

    I have since gone back to the wifi setup on the ecobee, and just reconnected to the wifi again. I've had to do this a few times. I ran the wifi setup again last night, and I'm still connected as of right now at work.

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    I reciently did the new iOS update Not sure if this helped solve the issue or not. I'll have to see how long my ecobee still works thru homekit this time. Dec 8, 7: Dec 9, 8: Dec 9, I did a full reset on the Apple TV. Basically wiped it completely and set it back up. On the ecobee, I only reconnected to the WiFi. It has been working for the past few days with no issues. Dec 9, 2: Works fine on my iPad on local Wifi or remote. My iPhone 8 only works when on Wifi. Just a few devices are unresponsive when remote. Dec 14, I'm having the same issue, only I'm a guest user on my partner's account.

    I was hoping the recent iOS The Apple TV is set up as the hub and I've tried toggling, turning off and on and it won't work. I've had this issue since he connected me to it when he first set it all up. Dec 15, 7: My HomeKit has been working with no issues, either remotely or when connected to wifi. I'm at work now, and can see my ecobee temp, and control my lights. I made sure I have every device updated and patched.

    As a note, I have not tried to re-setup the leviton control back up. Last time I did, it seemed be the same time I started having these issues. As already stated there is no such bug. It is also working just fine on my system as is it for the majority. You will need to properly troubleshoot your network. Oct 6, I too am having the same issue. I can airplay from one app netflix but ability to airplay from a website I was streaming just fine prior to the update is no longer working.

    I can mirror the screen from control center but without airplay functionality. Same is true for the rest of my apps. I have synced via Bluetooth with my now updated Apple TV to enable airplay 2 and restarted my iPad and phone. Still no luck. Oct 7, 4: I'm witnessing this same behavior. There's NO network issues. Same for the wireless devices in my household. Oct 8, 7: Our teachers school district were having this problem, too. Have you done the new way of accessing Controls? Instead of swiping from bottom-up, swipe down from the top-right edge.

    It is tricky at first. I was able to stream YouTube audio and video, but did not test any others.

    How to Troubleshoot Apple TV Connection Problems

    This change is one of the ones mentioned as you go through the setup after the update. You can also see the changes here: Oct 8, I have found screen mirroring in control center but does not give the same functionality as airplay, such as filling the screen and controlling the video with the Apple TV remote.

    Appears airplay is now appearing in some apps but not all websites. Oct 9, 8: Oct 13, Swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen. On iPhone X or later or iPad with iOS 12 or later, swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen. Nov 6, 7: Airplay stops working after September 22,