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They have my account on credit disallow. I was currently on the 60 plan and it came from too many credits on my account. But the credits were made on my account due to me having investigations open up on my account due to my text and pic text and the guy called me yesterday. He was asking me about the problems that I had been experiencing with my phone. He told me to hold on while he checked out my account, and he said, "Ms. I don't think that's right because my bill is not due until the 22nd of this month and I have a sick son and that's the only phone I have.

I don't have to receive any more credits unless it's something that I already had on my phone. Most of the time, when they do credit my account, it is due to ringtones and ringback tones I purchase that I don't receive. I am a valuable customer with Virgin Mobile and I want to continue my service with you.

All I would really appreciate is if they can remove this off my phone.

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Like I said, I have a sick son and I need my phone. My phone is off right now. I would be more thankful if it would be removed please. I feel Virgin Mobile could have handled it better than the way they did. The guy called me like he was talking about my problems, dealing with my phone and changing my plan. That's bad business. I always brag about Virgin Mobile because I like the service. I give old phones away just so my friends and family can be with Virgin Mobile. Thanks and have a very blessed day. I hope to hear from Virgin Mobile real soon. Please have a heart and remove that issue off of my phone.

OK, I made a mistake. But this company is very sloppy with its bookkeeping, too. A day before the deadline to top up, I made a payment to Virgin on their website. I provided my name and other information, but mistakenly gave them my old phone number I recently changed. The next day, I lost my service, and my new current phone number. When I called Virgin, they told me they had sent my payment to their sister company, Assurance, because my old number had been assigned to one of Assurance's customers. I was transferred to Assurance to ask that my payment be transferred to the correct account.

Assurance told me there is nothing they can do unless I provide the account number of their customer who has my old phone number. They suggested I call this person. So make sure that you don't make any mistakes whatsoever when you use Virgin's website, because goodness knows they do not double-check information. Which they told me the payment didn't go through. They have and payed with the same card with his permission once again and the charge didn't go through again and they said I had done two transactions.

Then they told me to go to the bank where the card was issued from and allow payment. I called the same day I went to the bank to Virgin Mobile and told them there was no history of charge backs or any payment ever made. And if I had any questions, to email fraudalerts virginmobileusa. I received an email from them asking me for the prepaid top up card numbers which I sent to them.

I explained to them that their service is prepaid and I didn't understand why they would ask me to pay them for money they are not losing and I am in the first place. Due to this, I went online to see if I was the only one this was happening to, and I found out I'm not the only one. Please help me out with this. I have had my Virgin Mobile Intercept cell phone for about 4 months. On several occasions every month since I purchased the phone these data services have not worked.

I have called and emailed Virgin Mobile on several occasions. I have even had the phone reprogrammed at the suggestion of Virgin Mobile. Did that work? Just the other day I emailed VM telling them once again my email is not syncing, etc. They replied with an offer of 20 minutes of talk time! What a joke!! And on top of it they have no explanation or resolution for these ongoing problems. I am paying for a data plan that does not work! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I had a cell phone account with this company for 6 months, I was receiving e-bills to my email address monthly.

All of a sudden, one day, my phone was disconnected. I couldn't call out, and when someone tried to call me, it said the number wasn't in use. I called the customer service line and they kept telling me that I didn't have an account with them! Of course, I insisted that I do because I do, yet they kept telling me that I don't and so because I don't, they cannot help me with my problem. I was shocked and asked to speak to someone else higher up.

I was told that I would receive a call from technical support or something like that within 2 business days. I have yet to receive that call and that was 4 months ago. I was completely left with no phone service, no help, and none of my business contacts being able to reach me. I am appalled at this company for just leaving me hanging like that with no phone service, and all the while, claiming that I have no contract with them, yet I did receive another bill saying I owed them and I that better pay or they will send it to collections.

I topped-up three weeks ago upon reactivating my phone and all calls would go directly to my voicemail box and the ringer would not ring. So after six calls to VM and fighting through their ridiculous phone menu hell, and spending roughly two hours with them over a three-week period, I told them that I was fed up and wanted to cancel my phone service and wanted my money back. They won't refund the money. When I told them that it was stealing, they hung up on me. How's that for robbery? They actually thought that a replacement phone would fix the problem, but the problem was on their end.

What can you say about a company that will not give money back to a customer who is annoyed with their incompetence? I pay Verizon for overall great service in the long-run, few hassles, and great coverage. It's worth every penny. Go with VM, pay a little less and pay big time down the road when you need help from a company that cares nothing about its customers.

May , I purchased a USB broadband device for my laptop and purchased a virgin mobile product via internet through Best Buy. Best Buy delivered the product promptly as usual. I found it to be defective. I called Virgin mobile and they told me to return device to Brightpoint North America located at South Terry road, Plainfield, Indiana , which of course I proceeded to do and sent it via USPO and received a confirmation number , delivered on December 27 The device was returned to Brightpoint North America enclosed with a letter, RA , and my contact information.

This is problem 1. The second problem is another altogether, even more severe. I was articulate in my instructions and was promised that a refund was initiated and to expect a check mailed out in days. The second problem illustrated above is due to a very serious problem in comprehension, language problems and communication skills. I had requested repeatedly that I needed to speak to a representative in the states, headquarters in America. I have been unable to have a representative from Virgin Mobile contact me. Still to this day, after over 16 attempts to resolve this matter, I only started documenting the calls after the first 2 attempts ended in fruitless results.

It is a frustrating matter when someone repeatedly tries to have someone contact them and the call goes unheard. Virgin Mobile has a device, funds on my account and an activation charge that I have been unable to use for over 3 months. Since purchasing the device in April, I have been unable to enjoy the device that I bought. My job involves a lot of travel, I was unable to return the device till December, for I was out of the country.

I am also leaving to go overseas for another 3 months in the next week. I am disheartened, frustrated and very tense over this matter, due to the utter carelessness, and misrepresentation of Virgin Mobile by this outsourced customer service in the Philippines. The list below attempts to expose the level of service I have experienced throughout this ordeal.

This list below is a record of each and every attempt to settle this dispute, It is not in any particular order, but it is documented with an ID number, which was obtained after requesting it several times. For a company the size and scope of Virgin Mobile to allow all communication, including all customer service and tech support to be outsourced out to a company, and trusting them with there hard earned credibility and reputation is beyond my imagination.

I have tried to contact Virgin Mobile in the United States to no avail. I feel abused, robbed and frustrated by this whole matter.

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I would hope there would be some way to prevent Virgin Mobile from allowing this poor communication to continue. No one, absolutely no one deserves to have this level of poor inattentive service. I am positive that the CEO, or person in charge of this division of the company, would not appreciate it if there mother received service like this.

Sprint and their affiliates Virgin Mobile, etc. It also blocks anyone using the same poor service from using the said tower unless they're on the specific plan attached to their tower. Can you hear me now! Two weeks later, they change the deal by imposing severe limits on the quantity of data that can be downloaded per month. The new limits make it impossible to use the service for frequent internet radio reception or for downloading more than a couple of TV programs free-to-internet transmissions from some European stations, for example. I feel ripped off by a shady operator. Walmart were sympathetic but can't offer anything more than a shrug.

I think that I should be entitled to return the MIFI device for a full refund, as Virgin has totally changed the terms of the deal. Please advise me what to do. I purchased two phones online through virginmobileusa. Well, as of today, January 9, , I have not been credited.

SIM-only postpaid and contract phone plans are all that are available with the budget carrier.

I called into the company, spoke to 3 different agents and 2 supervisors. First of all, service was very, very disappointing. The credit is still not shown on my credit card statement. So I called back January 9, at about 6: He said they can only do one bonus. It's just aggravating how they constantly gave me the run around to avoid giving me direct answers to my questions.

I checked online to get another contact number or address so I can write a complaint, but it's not listed. Facebook doesn't even have access. Monthly plan is great, but services and promotions are very disappointing and deceiving! I'm going to have to dig deep until I find something because I will be pursuing legal actions against Virgin Mobile. I am pursuing legal actions not so much about the money but their false advertisement. I see that Virgin Mobile have marked our case "Solved". You have got to be kidding me! How, might I ask, was it solved? The phone is still here, still not working, still suspended.


Virgin Mobile suspended the account for some reason unbeknownst to us. For two weeks the phone hasn't worked. None of the e-mails were answered and not one telephone customer service person helped us. They just said to continue to be patient while they looked into the problem. Of course, they never did. It was not us who deactivated the account. You suspended the account! How would we deactivate something that is not working in the first place because you, Virgin Mobile, suspended the account. I have called you at the very number that you have given me numerous times, all to no avail.

Not one person has been able to help us and, now you marked the case "Solved". More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions. When you recharge your Prepaid service before the expiry date, any unused credit and data will rollover to the next period. Once these accumulations are reached you may not be able to recharge your Prepaid service. Support Articles: How do I recharge my Prepaid service? Support Articles. Nigel 47, 1. Once that limit is reached, recharges need to be made by using vouchers. You'll have approximately 30 seconds to answer before the second caller hears a standard message or is forwarded to voicemail.

You will be charged for both calls. To answer Call Waiting: To put the first call on hold, press "SEND. To return to the first call, press "SEND" again. To switch between the two calls, press "SEND.

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Not supported "Secret" Codes: Free information services calls - Virgin Mobile customer care - Telecommunications Relay Service TRS for the hearing and speech impaired - Emergency services Other 3 digit codes like , and are not free on Virgin Mobile Customer Service: Phone support: To quickly reach a live operator, press 5 at the first prompt to choose an item and then press 0 three tines at the second prompt.

Online email support form: Strong retail presence, online call records, Virgin Mobile Inner Circle plans include postpaid-like roaming. Virgin Mobile Cons: No call forwarding or or 3-way calling. Inner Circle plan one year for a dollar promo ended. Email This BlogThis! Vm charges sales tax for my state when I use this option, then adds 50 cents for e service. If you buy from Radio Shack, they activate your phone at the store. I suggest you call VM to pay for your service the first time, registering your CC if you want that option. Otherwise, even if you add money to your account online, it might not start your service.

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If this happens and you have to call VM, make sure they use the amount you added online, and do not charge your registered card a second time. I wasted a couple of hours trying to figure all out, and then had to wait for a CC refund. Yeswap, what is your opinion on liberty wireless? Is it an old company? Liberty's been around for at least three years. They seem like a tiny operation. There's no BYOD. There are good discussions of Liberty on Howard Forums here and here. Users seem satisfied although the unlimited plan is actually minutes, texts for 28 days.

Sorry I know this is virgin mobile, but does liberty wireless have autorefill? They say that you must call cs to refill? If you read those links I posted yesterday you know as much as I do. In post 26 of this thread one person says that auto refill is available and that they are using it. Virgin Mobile has completed the upgrade to its online account system, so several changes now are in effect to their terms and conditions, particularly payment terms for PayGo, maximum balance and optional items.

New Virgin Plans http: Mobile data not included nor available for this plan. Existing Virgin Mobile customer looking to upgrade to an Android phone? It seems to hit a wall.

You order a new Sprint SIM card as part of the sign-up process. Hotspot for Inner Circle: Mobile hotspot option is limited to 10 GB allotment, not unlimited like it is on the postpaid plan. I don't want to lose my number. Can I cancel the service just before the payment date, and still not lose the number when I try to port out after a few days?

What do you suggest? I have an iPhone SE from them which they are unwilling to unlock before the end of 12 months. Can I cancel the service in two weeks and still retain my number for a few days during which period I would unlock my phone and port my number to another service? Also, will any T-Mobile service work?